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Ways to Participate survey Junkie

 Ways to Participate survey Junkie

Ways to Participate survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

When you pick to participate roughly Survey Junkie, you have many options roughly which communities you member and what instruction you part.

This page will fracture by the side of your options for sharing taking into account us as dexterously as sharing once the acknowledge researchers who value your input.

The basics

To offer a mild adherent experience based on the subject of speaking the device yous props using, ensure that your account is safe, and establish that the suggestion you share is in fact coming from you, a few things are collected all period you log in to Survey Junkie. This includes basic device and browser sponsorship, as quickly as your location. Additional hint as regards the specifics are available upon our policy page.

Your profile

To fall in surrounded by you as soon as studies that are relevant to your background and interests, Survey Junkie offers a number of profile questionnaires that you can interest out. People who have more sealed profiles will be more capably matched to survey opportunities.

Participation in each of these surveys is enormously optional, and  when all you reach following suggestion to the platform  you will be rewarded for your participation.

Sharing your opinion

The most popular mannerism most people participate upon Survey Junkie is by sharing their perspectives in surveys. When your profile meets the preliminary criteria for a particular research psychoanalysis, you will see the survey within your Survey Junkie dashboard.

When you pick to participate in a survey, the information you offer is captured unaided by the entity conducting the survey.

Your completion of the survey remains completely optional

If you happen to regard as creature you don't distressing to pure the questions asked, that okay! Simply near the survey and select something else from the Survey Junkie dashboard, if yous bearing in mind.

Please note that you will only realize the compensation listed if you successfully unqualified the survey, in view of that if you elect to refrain from a psychotherapy, you'll no longer be eligible for its reward.

Sharing your behaviors

When you choose to associate the Survey Junkie Pulse community  whether through installing the browser augmentation or opting in via the mobile app  you are joining a unique charity within the SJ community that shares digital ruckus taking into account us.

To tie in a mild adherent experience based just approximately the device you on the subject of using, ensure that your account is safe, and way of mammal that the avowal you part is really coming from you, a few things are collected all era you log in to Survey Junkie. This includes basic device and browser recommendation, as dexterously as your location.


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10 reasons to study graphic design

10 reasons to study graphic design

10 reasons to study graphic design

Graphic design is becoming increasingly popular and, in addition, is in great demand in the labor market, currently, especially in the advertising sector. If you have an artistic and creative nature; Here are some of the 10 reasons why studying graphic design can be a great opportunity for you.

1.- Varied work

There are so many organizations and companies that are always looking for new challenges, so graphic design is one of the areas that companies need the most when creating magazines, brochures, posters, web pages and business cards. So, as you can see, the work is varied and dynamic.

2.- Unleash your creativity

If you are a restless and creative mind; Undoubtedly, graphic design is a profession that opens the doors to creative expression, thus expressing ideas, messages and emotions through the image.

3.- Great demand

Despite the current economic crisis worldwide, graphic design is a highly demanded profession, since it is very difficult to imagine a business or organization that does not require, at some time, the services of a graphic designer.

4.- Work from anywhere

Freelance work is fashionable and, in the case of graphic designers, this was not going to be less, since as long as you have a good computer with you, you will be able to work from anywhere, thanks also to the great connectivity that there is today. In addition, thanks to globalization, you will even be able to find clients outside your borders.

5.- Freedom of work

As we have said, freelance work is the order of the day, so if you are a graphic designer, you will have great opportunities to work independently, thus managing your time and the possibility of expanding your client portfolio.

6.- Lower expense

When it comes to working as a graphic designer, the cost is basically going to focus on a computer and software of your choice. Keep in mind that the largest expenses, those of printing, will be borne by the client.

7.- Self-taught

In these times, in which the Internet is the largest source of information, there are numerous tutorials on the Internet, so you will not have to spend large amounts of money to learn new techniques.

8.- Ease of promotion

Now, it is not necessary to hand out your business cards manually and rely on “word of mouth” advertising, since the Internet offers you endless possibilities to promote your work and make yourself known to millions of people.

9.- Dynamic work

If your thing is not routine, without a doubt, graphic design is not, at all, a routine job and, since there are so many different channels and options, there is not much room for routine and boredom.

10.- Freedom

Perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to working is feeling free, and graphic designer is a profession that offers you the ability to manage your schedules and your workspace according to your needs. Likewise, you will also be able to work on several projects, although, yes, as long as you can meet the delivery dates that you have proposed to your clients.

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marketing through social media

 marketing through social media

marketing through social media
Social media 

If you want to conquer the world, you need a plan. The social media marketing plan is like the blueprint you would use to build your house: without it, you are totally lost and your actions will be meaningless or, worse still, will counteract each other.

To avoid starting to build on the roof, your marketing plan on social platforms must be clearly defined before you publish your first tweet. But do you know where to start? Don't worry: with this 8-step plan, you've got it done

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in 8 Steps

1) Set goals for your social media presence

The first step to a solid marketing plan is defining what it is you want to achieve. Without goals, you can't know if what you're doing is working or measure your return on investment. The idea is that your social media objectives respond to the general goals of your company.

To set goals that really make sense, remember the acronym "S.M.A.R.T.":

Specific (specific)

Measurable (measurable)

Attainable (achievable)

Relevant (relevant)

Time-bound (with a deadline)

The second point, measurement, is very important to determine the success of the project. Instead of focusing on metrics like likes or comments, think in terms of KPIs that have a real impact on the business. Take into account the use that you are going to give to the different channels, since you may want to measure different things in each of them.

2) Learn everything you can about your audience

If you know the recipients of your communication in-depth, you can create content that will make them fall in love. This being a very inbound philosophy, that is, creating messages or content that attracts their own interest and value. Plus, this will help guide you on the path to conversion.

To start, you can create a profile of your ideal follower to have a clearer image of what you are looking for. Look for real data about the profile of the users of different networks and the analytics of your page; This will not only help you refine your strategy but also be more effective when it comes to launching advertising on social media.

3) Research the competition

In all likelihood, your competitors will also be using social media, and that means you can learn from their actions and incorporate these lessons into your marketing plan.

Doing a competitor analysis will help you understand who your competitors are and what they are doing well (or not so well). You will have a global image of what the expectations of users are in your sector and you will be able to adapt to them.

This analysis will also help you find market gaps and opportunities. For example, your competitors may have focused on Facebook, but Instagram is still terrain to explore. Thus, instead of competing directly with them, you can make a site on other networks.

When it comes to analyzing the competition, social listening is your ally. Keep track of competing brands and keywords in your industry and track results regularly.

4) do a social media audit

In this step, you will start by analyzing what you are currently doing on social networks (if you already have a presence on them). Try answering these questions:

What is working and what is not?

Who is connecting with your brand on the networks?

What social networks is your target audience on?

How is your presence on social media compared to the competition?

Once you have this information, you can use it to see how to improve and add these insights to your social media marketing plan.

The social media audit is also a good time to solve these two pending tasks:

Check if you have an account that no longer serves you. If it doesn't have a clear goal and it's not delivering the results you expect, you may need to change course or even eliminate it altogether. Remember: it is better to have an active and focused presence in a few channels than to try to reach everything and fall short.

Detect possible impostor accounts, that is, accounts of other users posing as your brand. Remember that you can verify your profiles on Facebook and Twitter so that your fans know who they should follow.

5) Create profiles on social networks and improve the previous ones

Now is the time to take action! At this point, you need to be very clear about which social channels you are going to include in your marketing plan and what your strategy is in each of them. For example, you can use Instagram Stories to post tutorials and Twitter for customer support. To further focus your networking presence, try writing a mission statement for each channel outlined in a single sentence.

Once you have decided which channels you are going to be on, it will be time to create profiles or optimize the ones you already have. Make sure to fill in all the information fields and use keywords adapted to the user's search habits.

6) Get inspired!

Although it is important that your brand is unique and shows it, it is also a good idea to be inspired by the best success stories in your sector.

All social networks include success stories that show how brands are using their tools. You can usually find them in the information sections for companies of each social network.

Another very interesting option is to search for digital marketing awards, such as The Facebook Awards and The Shorty Awards, and see what the winners are doing.

Finally, you can also ask your followers directly or do social listening to see what their online behaviors are and how you can take advantage of them in your social media marketing plan.

7) Create a content calendar on social networks

Sharing valuable content is essential, but so is sharing it at the right time. A good content calendar will help you maximize the impact of your posts and make the life of your team much easier.

The content calendar should include the dates and times when you will publish each type of content on each channel. It's the perfect place to plan all your social media activities, from images and links to blog posts and videos. In this way, you will ensure that the content is distributed correctly and that you take advantage of the "rush hours" of social networks.

Depending on the objectives of each network, you will have to decide on a distribution of content accordingly. For example, you can define that 50% of the content will be focused on driving traffic to your blog, 25% will be curating content from other sources, 20% will be aimed at objectives such as lead generation or conversion and 5% The rest will refer to the culture of your company. As a general rule of thumb, it is often said that 80% of your posts should inform, educate, or entertain your audience and only 20% should include direct promotion.

8) Test, measure and adjust the strategy

Developing a marketing plan is an essential first step, but you must bear in mind that it is impossible for it to be perfect the first time. In addition, social networks are a changing environment, so you will have to adapt to the habits of users.

Therefore, include regular checks and tests in your plan to analyze what you are doing and see how you can continue to improve. Thus, your presence on social networks will be more effective than ever.

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how to start a youtube channel for beginners

how to start a youtube channel for beginners

youtube for beginners
youtube for beginners

Looking to start promoting your own video content and utube? Here's How To Set Up And Optimize Your Otube Channel T Right Way.

YouTube single-handedly changed the way that we consume content.

We’ve all heard of the hundreds of hours of content uploaded each day on YouTube, and the billions of hours watched every month, and it’s being the world’s second-largest search engine.

Other video platforms have tried to follow suit but pale in comparison to the mighty YouTube content engine.

Many have built careers off of vlogging and made millions. This phenomenon is simply in response to user behavior.

The more people consume content on YouTube, the more advertisers pay to put their messages there, and the more influencers (even micro ones) make money.

And while the golden days of YouTube money-making have somewhat passed, the opportunity for individuals and brands to effectively market themselves on the platform is still very real.

That’s why so many newcomers are still trying to break into the video scene.

In fact, the number of new YouTube channels doubled between 2017 and 2019, from 15 million channels to over 30 million.

Yet so many who start vlogging, find that their content is buried under the thousands of content uploaded that day.

This can be because they simply are not a good candidate for creating engaging video content, or it could also be related to channel set up.

Channel setup is not as straightforward as one might assume.

Here’s how any self-respecting SEO should set up their YouTube channel.

Before You Begin
Yes, you can just dive into YouTube and get your channel set up (Scroll to Next Section!), But strategic research is highly recommended.

First, ask yourself what the purpose of your channel is.

If it’s for individual promotion, what are your goals?

To educate kids on YouTube?
To make millions?

As a business, your channel goal may simply be to create engaging content and attract people to your brand.

Once you know what your purpose on YouTube is, you can start to get strategic.

Video Keyword Research
Like other types of search engine optimization, you should plug your own content themes into keyword research tools, but make sure you’re looking at YouTube search volume.

This will give you insights and ideas about how people search for topics related to your content ideas, and also help guide future content creation.

Tools like vidIQ can help with YouTube keyword research, but a Premium subscription is required for full results to show inside the tool:

Make sure you search for various permutations of tea franchises or descriptions of the content you want to Crete or already have.

Don’t rely on the tool to suggest them for you.

So type in the basic one-word description like “fashion” or “construction” - whatever you specialize in.

But also type in variations with descriptive language, “how-to” phrases, reviews or tutorial-style queries.

For example, “oil change” versus “tutorial of how to change the oil on a small car.”

Think of who you want to be watching your YouTube channel and what they would be searching for there.

Keep in mind that not everyone who ends up on a YouTube video started their journey on that platform.

For example, someone searching for "the best way to hold a ladder" may do so first on Google, and then click on the video that shows up for this query (but not all queries show video results):

Since video card results are available in Google search, you should also head over to the good old ’keyword planner inside Google Ads to do some traditional keyword research.

This will expand your acquisition strategy, making it easier for you to gather new channel viewers and subscribers.

Competitive Research
Once you have a decent list of keyword research, plug those same queries into YouTube to see which one of your competitors rank for these.

You may even see the same competitors showing up again and again for the queries you’d like your content to show up for.

Study what these leading channels have done with their content, and aim to make your content even more engaging.

Do your competitors use music on their videos?
Do they have consistent branding on the thumbnails?
How long are their videos?
Answer these questions clearly in your mind before you even buy a selfie stick.

You can also use extensions like Tube Buddy to see which tags your competitors use for their videos.

With this installed, you’ll see these types of insights when you click on the tags tab of a competitor’s video.

The green numbers show where this video ranks on YouTube for that tag query.

Content Development
Now that you know which topics to build content for, with some strong hints of how to do it successfully, you can begin filming!

Try to bank a couple of weeks of content before you launch so you can post consistently once you get going.

Doing so will engage channel subscribers and help your overall channel performance (more on that later).

Noobie YouTube Channel Setup Instructions
It doesn’t take much more than a Gmail account to open a YouTube channel.

Using a Gmail account, anyone can sign into YouTube to like (or dislike) videos, comment, subscribe to other channels, and get personalized content recommendations based on their browsing preferences.

Sign in from desktop or mobile and fill in your information.

You’ll have to select whether you’re a business or an individual.

Anyone can open a YouTube account and start a channel, so answer this question as it pertains to your situation.

The difference is that business accounts (sometimes called branded) allow you to create another name for the channel, and share management of it with other Gmail users.
Aspiring bloggers can open a channel using the process, boot going a couple of steps fourth.

Once your account is created you’ll have to verify it using a code sent to your phone.

Google says it can take up to 15 minutes to receive it, but I received mine instantly.
Once your account is verified, you know it was successful because you have failed to find the following message:

Verifying your account gives you access to features you otherwise wouldn’t be able to use, even if your channel was still active.

For example, you can’t use custom thumbnails without official account verification.

Here’s a view of what channel features look like before the account is verified:

Here's What's With Features Look Like Post Verification:

With your YouTube channel verified, you can now get down to business, starting with the basics.

Hover over the About section and click edit to fill it out with a 1,000 character description about your channel. You can also include your location, contact information, website, and social media links.

Next, you can change the background banner that shows at the top of your channel but only from a desktop device.

Go to your channel profile and click on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the banner.

You’ll then be prompted to upload an image from your computer or another source.

The recommended dimensions of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels are given in this screen but note that 2,560 x 423 pixels are the maximum safe dimensions for text and logos to not get cut off on varying device sizes.

You can and sold ad social media links to your banner s good if available.

To do so navigate back to the About section and click the big blue “Customize Channel” button.

You’ll see an expandable “Links” section near the bottom where you can add up to 5 links.

You can choose how many of these links actually show in your YouTube channel banner.

Channel Architecture

Once the basics of your YouTube channel are in place, you can start uploading content.

Your uploaded videos will automatically be tiled under “Videos” unless you organize them.

Good marketers know to always put their best foot forward, and on YouTube, that means making sure your best videos are listed first.

If you have no idea which videos are best, you can wait, measure, and decide then.

Otherwise, lean on your keyword research and common sense.

The videos that are targeting keywords and that you’ve put the most production value into are most likely to perform.

Organize the best content according to their theme and upload these as playlists.

To create a new playlist head over to YouTube Studio while signed in to your account, or click the big blue “YouTube Studio” button from inside your account (next to “Customize Channel”).

Select "Playlists" from the left-hand side menu:

New playlists in Cretan in U'Lel Then or Taken To T Window O'Hare.
When you click the “New playlist” button you’ll be able to give your playlist a title and decide whether it’s public.

Creating locked playlists allows first-time content creators to experiment with playlist content before going public with it.
Playlists or specialty useful to bring to try rank and tube, boot t engine, and algorithm don't work t song way s search.

Bonus Material: Optimizing Your New YouTube Channel

As SEO professionals we care more about how any type of content channel will perform and acquire new eyeballs, than the channel itself.

We ask: what’s the point if no one will find it?

Optimization should be built into your channel set up so you can be successful.

You can optimize your channel overall, playlists, and individual uploads, so let’s dig into all three.

Overall Channel Optimization
If you want to optimize your channel overall, you’ll need to know which metrics YouTube uses. Here’s a quick rundown:

Watch time: The total amount of minutes watched on your channel

Average Percent Viewed + Average View Duration + Audience Retention: How long on average your videos are able to retain a viewer
Rewatches: How many times people rewatch your videos or parts of them
Engagement: How often people comment, like, favorite, share or subscribe to your video
Knowing what YouTube is looking for, means you can work towards that with your video content strategy.

Google provides some additional pointers to your watch time specifically.

But take a step back and understand the YouTube landscape overall and the relationship between all these metrics.
For example, if your content is amazing and you get tons of shares, then you’ll attract a lot of channel subscribers, your watch time will increase and YouTube is more likely to help you amplify your content with their suggestion AI.

And you know what that means. more subscribers, more watch time, and so on.

Playlist Optimization
Think of playlists like individual website pages when it comes to optimization.

Each playlist should have only one theme.

So let’s say the theme of your first playlist is cars.

Create a handful of videos under this theme so you can launch your car playlist.

Use your keyword research to see which videos you should make, then build the playlist with the videos targeting the highest-volume cars-related keywords first in the playlist.

This will help to engage the most amount of searchers and hopefully keep watching them.

Other techniques to keep interested on your channel (once you’ve attracted someone there in the first place) is to:

Use YouTube Community features to:

Use Analytics like Socialblade to figure out what non-channel subscribers like most about your content.
You always want to keep visitors watching, so you can bring your watch time metrics (and the rest) up, signaling to YouTube that you create content worth watching.

Once YouTube understands that, their recommendation engine could start listing your videos to viewers and that’s how a lot of channels really take off.

Be careful though. Trying to game the system and over-optimize will work against you.

For example, keyword stuffing a playlist could cause a community strike against your account, and after three strikes your channel could be removed from YouTube altogether.

The same goes for individual video optimization.

Individual Video Optimization
Every single video you upload should be done strategically.

Sometimes vloggers create a video about something no one has ever searched before and it goes viral because the content is that interesting.

However, even “keywords” videos still need optimization.

Here is a checklist you can use to optimize every single YouTube video you make from now on:

YouTube Video Optimization Checklist:

Special shoutouts to the “godfather” of YouTube optimization, Derral Eves, for all these insider tips embedded amongst the thousands of minutes he’s devoted to making us all better “YouTubers.”

If applicable, put your keyword in the movie file name (separate with dashes), at the beginning of the title and in the description, but don’t keyword stuff!
Video titles should be natural sounding.

Include a video description that is at least 250 words, with any associated landing page near the beginning of it so it's always visible.
Never number your videos. If you have to, add it to the first part of the description but not in the actual title.
Never put your brand name in the title either, viewers already know your brand name from the channel.

Use tags on your videos to signal its relationship to other videos like it. But don’t overuse tags or you’ll risk a community strike.

Make your brand name a tag on your videos, so you’ll show up for your brand while leaving the 100-character titles to more valuable information for the viewer.
Upload your video in 4k, with a 16: 9 aspect ratio in MP4 format ideally, but I highly recommend consulting this guide for best practices on YouTube video size and dimension. There is a lot of frustration and posts written about just this.

Your thumbnail has to be visible in smaller formats and it also has to stand out! Better thumbnails can increase user engagement on YouTube.
Include a text transcript of each video and/or subtitles so the content is both crawlable and accessible.
Don’t pay to promote your video on YouTube until after you’ve released it organically. Trending videos are never a paid placement.

Pin videos to the top that you want to be promoted. The position causes them to have more views which leads to greater watch time, and greater potential than all other videos in your channel to be promoted by YouTube’s recommendation engine.

Lights, Camera, Upload

Use this tutorial to help you set up your YouTube channel properly, but also take time to get your optimization-feet wet.

Video content is not something that should be entered into lightly.

To do it well and to do it right takes commitment and often a lot of editing hours.

Video production can be either time consuming, costly, or both.

So if you’re going to go through the trouble of setting up a YouTube account, do it because you have what it takes to become an amazing vlogger.

And you’ll need to be if you want to compete for views in the world’s second-largest search engine.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing

digital marketing
Digital Marketing

Many people are now fully aware of the benefits of learning digital marketing. In this age of technology, it is possible to do things that were far from possible, unimaginable. E-commerce and digital marketing technology is a wonderful contribution. However, many of us think e-commerce and digital marketing are the same. But there are some differences together in the middle of e-commerce and digital backing.

E-commerce is a medium for exchanging a variety of Internet-based products and services. That is, you can buy or sell any product or service from home through e-commerce sites. On the other hand, digital marketing is a part of e-commerce whose job is to spread e-commerce services to people from all walks of life. You just have to be more discriminating as soon as the back taking place you render toward new people. Of course, you can realize any of these 6 easy to get your hands on to digital publicity courses.

However, save in mind that digital publicity is not limited to e-commerce. That includes a lot more. E.g.

E-commerce is a medium for exchanging a variety of Internet-based products and services. That is, you can buy or sell any product or service from home through e-commerce sites. On the other hand, digital marketing is a part of e-commerce whose job is to spread e-commerce services to people from all walks of life. You just have to be more discriminating as soon as the back taking place you render toward new people. Of course, you can realize any of these 6 easy to get your hands on to digital publicity courses.

However, save in mind that digital publicity is not limited to e-commerce. That includes a lot more. E.g.

Web development
Marketing automation
Email marketing
Mobile marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Video and audio production
In addition to the above, there are many other types of work in the world of digital marketing. So, if you want, you can learn any job of digital marketing and earn money, you can be free from the curse of unemployment.

You can become a freelancer by learning digital marketing. According to a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, India has the highest number of freelancers and digital marketers in the world. Bangladesh is in the second position and the United States is in the third position. So, you can build your career in digital marketing if you want. Let's find out the 6 benefits that you can get in digital marketing as a career.

benefits of learning digital marketing

benefits of learning digital marketing

1. The demand for digital marketing is huge.

In today's world of technology digital marketing is taking the place of old or traditional marketing. And so, there is a huge demand for it all over the world. According to a source, re 2 million subsidiary digital backing-based jobs are conventional to be manageable in the UK by 2020. Other countries considering the UK along with having a broad range of job opportunities in digital publicity.

And so, starting from students to people of any profession or who are unemployed, they can also build a digital marketing as their career.

2. Career choice opportunities.

Those who are in a career at the moment may be overwhelmed by doing the same kind of work throughout the year. Or feeling bored. But, you can't change your profession if you want to. However, in the case of digital marketing, you do not have to suffer this kind of suffering.

You can engage yourself in any work you want. You can do any job in digital marketing according to your choice and ability to work.

3. Along with work experience, income opportunities also increase gradually.

As much as your experience in general professional work increases, you are not getting paid as much. That is, if you work in an office, your promotion opportunities are very limited. But, as your work experience grows in digital marketing, so will your income opportunities.

4. It is very easy to start a career in digital marketing.

A student can expect to do a good job after finishing his graduation. But, you don't have to show any graduation certificate to do digital marketing. Rather, you can start your career in digital marketing if you can afford it.

However, this does not mean that you should drop out. There is no alternative to study. In addition to your studies, you can take digital marketing as a part-time job in the first place. Then, if you want, you can also take it as your full-time career. Learn how to start a digital marketing career.

5. Know the needs of the buyer or consumers.

Nowadays, people are interested in buying anything of their choice through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Therefore, it is very easy to know about the needs of the buyers or consumers. And so, according to the needs of the buyers or consumers, you can inform about those products or services through advertisements to those buyers or consumers through digital marketing if you want.

Big giant companies are taking advantage of this advantage of digital marketing. A proof of this can be given to you. Suppose you want to buy a computer table. And so, you search on Google search engine or Facebook to find a good brand or price.

After searching, if you refresh your Facebook ID once or click on home, you will see in a few moments, Facebook will show you advertisements of any shop, show-room, or company or their post where you can buy a computer table on your wall.

 Opportunity to work with different people every day and make new friendships
With the benefits of working in digital marketing, you have the opportunity to work with different people in the country and abroad. And by doing so, you can build a good relationship with people in and out of the country that can further accelerate your career.

Last word

There are many more bolster to learning digital confirmation. I have written about the main 6 benefits. Hopefully, knowing these 6 benefits, you have decided to make yourself proficient in digital marketing. So, get started today.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

freelance writing jobs

freelance writing jobs

Not surprisingly, the title can be overwhelming; It should be. Because, in the real sense, only by writing articles, it is such a big sum again, it is conceivable! No, not only can it be thought, it can be done; Many are doing. Why not you

Article writing job
Article writing 

Because, you may not know that you can earn money by writing articles, why only 50 thousand, it is possible to earn millions of rupees. Or you may know, but not made. Or how to start article writing, and where to start, there are doubts. Yes! If he had known before, he would have been able to overcome all doubts and limitations by now and now he would have earned more than Rs 50,000 per month. How? Keep reading

Income by writing articles

Here I will introduce you to some of the websites that charge the author  25$ to  100$  per article, i.e. Rs 2,000 to Rs 40,000. There are sites where you can get 500 dollars or 35 thousand rupees just by writing an article. Although it may be possible for you to write an article every day, I assume that it will take you 2 days to write an article. That's why you will write 15 articles a month. And not 25 to 500 dollars, I assume you will get only 50 dollars on average. Calculate how much is 15 X 50 dollars. Got it, didn't you? 750, right?

Since the price of the dollar usually fluctuates from 72 to about 75, we take the average price of 75 rupees per dollar, what do you say? So, how much is 650? 56, 250 rupees which I have called 50 thousand in the title of the article. Wrong?

To find out how to earn money by writing articles, read the article carefully at the end and go to each website to know more details and check if they really pay so much money. To dispel your doubts, I have marked the honor of writing each article with a screenshot in red.

Site Name - College Humor: Hours - 35$ to 50$

College Humor is an online portal from College Humor Media, a well-known entertainment company in New York City, USA. The portal was launched in 1999 by two college friends. The main content of the portal includes the fun of college life, videos, pictures, lifestyle, etc.

Here one pays  35$ for a small article on one page, about Rs. 2625 and Rs. 50 for a large article of more than one page, about Rs. 3650.

What to write:

Anything that has humor at its core.

 Humor about college is good.

 It could be a joke.

 Maybe a funny video article.

 Lifestyle humor.

 May be technology humor.

How to write-

Open a college humor account.

 Go to the article submission page.

Write any interesting article and click on submit button

Wait until you get clearance from the editing table

 If your article is nominated in the editing table, they will confirm it by sending you an e-mail.

Site Name - Wow Women: Honors - 50$ to 75$

One of the great things about Wow Women is that they dominate women, promote them, and encourage them to write. This does not mean that men cannot write, they are also allowed to write. However, the content of the writing should be for women.

The main purpose of Wow Women is to make women experts in writing, so most of their articles are about writing. This site is basically a factory for making writers. At the beginning of writing here, you are paid 50 dollars or 3650 rupees for each writing and later you are paid 75 dollars or 5825 rupees.

What to write-

 matters related to women's livelihood.

 Things that are useful in women's daily lives.

Matters that are useful for women's intellect and thinking.

Matters that are helpful to women in family, social, and business.

Things that encourage women to write, make them proficient.

How to write-

Make sure the topic you want to write about is not published here before. If the article on the same topic has already been published, the chances of your article being published will be greatly reduced. How to understand, whether it has already been written? Search their site by entering keywords for your assigned topic. How to do? Suppose, your topic, ‘home business idea for women’, then type this line in the search box and press enter. If there is any writing on this topic, it will show you. If not here's an auxiliary product just for you!

Make sure your text is between 1500 and 3000 words. That is, do not write less than 1500 words, again not more than 3000 words.

Make sure your writing is useful to readers. Suppose you are writing an event in your own life, no problem. But if there is nothing to learn from that incident, then the problem. So, whatever you write, keep in mind, what will be useful for those who read it.

Site Name - Work Online Blog: Honors - 50$

Work Online Blog is a sister concern of Gadgitech Ltd, one of the most established companies in London. Work Online Blog is a suitable site for writers, preliners, bloggers, and those working with online careers and online businesses. If you write an article of at least 1500 words in this blog, you will be paid 50$ for each article. In our money which is about 3625 rupees.

What to write-

Something that is useful for starting a business or expanding a running business.

Listing type articles are the best. For example, ‘20 new business ideas ’or ‘20 mistakes that are detrimental to the business.

You can write a business technique for sharing articles or business advice articles.

 If you can write a little different writing, you will have the opportunity to write regularly here.

How to write-

 First, you need to fill in an application form, where you have to give some information including your name, e-mail address for communication, what you want to write - general text or listing or something else.

 This form has the title of the writing, the main body, and everything. Take a look by clicking the button below.

Site Name - List Version: Honorary - 100$

List Verse is one of the top listing sites in the United States. If you publish a listing article here, you will get 100 dollars. About 7,500 rupees.

You do not have to be an expert to write here. You need to be fairly good in English, have a sense of humor, and have a passion for things that aren't normal.

What to write-

 Can write general knowledge, can be any subject.

Can write about strange, unusual, unwanted, crazy things. These are the main issues here.

You can write about art-literature, music, TV-movie or game.

 I can write about food, health, sports, and travel.

You can even write about science.

How to write-

Go to this link and give whatever information you want.

You must write about 10 topics in the listing. Suppose you want to write that all superstitions have been going on since time immemorial, on such a subject. So write - 10 superstitions that have been going on since ancient times.

Give the writing an interesting title, and write a nice introduction, then go to the list.

 The writing must be your own. Can't copy-paste from anywhere.

The most important thing is, you have to have a PayPal account in advance to take payment to write here. If not, you can't apply.

Not only this site, but almost all the websites also have payment options. If you do not have a Pay-Pal account, you will not be able to write on many sites. What to do then? There is a way, you will know slowly. Stay with us, bookmark our site, it will work.

Let the 1st part of this article about the way to earn money by writing an article stay here. In the next episode, you will find the addresses of many more important sites in which by writing you will undoubtedly earn at least 50 thousand rupees per month. If you prepare yourself perfectly and take it as your profession, then you can earn not 50 thousand, but much more than that. How? Stay with us, with Tech Trainee. Gradually everything will be presented in front of you.

And don't forget to share this article. If the people around you start trying, it will be to your advantage. You can share ideas, you can collaborate with each other.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

writing a newspaper article

writing a newspaper article

To write a newspaper article it is important to take several aspects into account, knowing the topic well or carefully reviewing your article are key to a good job

Article writing
Article Writing 

You're a journalist? With these tips, you will know how to write an article about it7.
Knowing your target audience well is essential for its success.

Discover all the steps you have to follow so that your article conquers your readers.
Nowadays, writing a newspaper article is not an easy task. Most people pay attention to the first two paragraphs and abandon the reading because they usually do not have the time to pay attention to the same text for so long.

Fortunately, there are different ways to make your newspaper article a success. Here are 7 key points to write a good magazine article:

1. Formulate an idea.

Before you start writing about what you like, research current topics of interest. You can check the local media and evaluate which are the ones that generate the most controversy and, based on this, decide which are the current issues that set trends.

2. Include your point of view.
A topic can have many aspects, but that does not mean that you should cover them all: choose one and focus on that vision.

3. Identify your audience.

An idea for an article may lean toward different types of magazines based on audience and focus.

Choose who will be the people who will read it: if it is for young people, use colloquial language if it is for professionals, use a formal way, and so on. It is important that no matter what public you choose, take care of the line, and be polite.

4. Look for the background.

Once you have chosen the subject, complete your research with legitimate sources. Study everything that has been said on the subject and take it as the basis for your research. In this way, you will also demonstrate that you know the different perspectives of the matter in question.

5. The principle must be captivating.

Nowadays, people tend to read only the first two paragraphs of an article, so it is important to captivate them from the beginning. The first sentences should be strong and impactful, as this will have earned the reader's attention.

6. Includes conclusion.

Write a conclusion. In the first paragraph, the conclusion is very important. The end of a magazine article should lead to a resolution satisfactory to the reader. You may return to its opening paragraph, closing the circle.

7. Related.
As obvious as this point may seem, rereading is fundamental.

Friday, 29 May 2020



Cad Design
Cad design 

How to make money from AutoCAD?

After learning AutoCAD, the next thought is, how to make money from AutoCAD! Currently, the demand for AutoCAD is good enough. You just have to be more discriminating considering the past going on you render toward appendage people

In addition to jobs, you can earn money in various ways through AutoCAD. There is an opportunity to earn at home. Even if you work in AutoCAD, you can get a very good salary.
In today's article, I will discuss many ways to earn income from AutoCAD. As a result, it will be easier for you to choose the right income path. There are several things you can do together.
Now, without further ado, let's move on to the main discussion. And if you are new and want to learn AutoCAD, check out the Top 10 AutoCAD Learning Websites.

1. Website
There are many ways to earn money from a website or your own blog. If you have learned AutoCAD, then the website is the easiest and biggest source of your income. Websites are not just income; Rather it will serve as a portfolio for you.
Keep uploading your projects and work on the website. Mention your skills. Mention the value of each of your work and the means of communication. If you have good SEO and visitors to the website, you can earn a very good income from here.

2. Freelancing
When you have a website, it means that you are 50% qualified to do freelancing. There are many marketplaces online if you want, you can work there. Some of the popular freelancing marketplaces are:
 Peopleperhour
 Freelancer
 Guru
 99designs
 Fiverr

When people post for work in the above-mentioned market-places, you have to bid there. However, on Fiverr, you have to post for work and whoever needs it will hire you. Also, there is a design contest at 99designs. That is, job descriptions are posted here and people submit their designs here. You can also earn by submitting designs here.

3. Training
If you have good teaching skills, you can teach AutoCAD to others. And you can also give this training online. As a result, you may not need much capital at first. Also, you can upload it in CD or course format at once.

Currently, many people are earning money by uploading course videos on YouTube. When you have good quality capital, you can take classes offline. On the other hand, you can join AutoCAD as an instructor in consultation with organizations that teach AutoCAD.

4. Selling the project

A big advantage of AutoCAD is that AutoCAD projects can be sold. You can sell different types of designs online by checking the market demand. You can do this by posting and boosting on Facebook. Also, there are several websites where designs can be sold. Such as:
You will submit your design to the above-mentioned websites. If people buy your design from this website you will get paid. From this website, you will get ideas about trending and human needs.

5. Advertise your own work

You can work if you don't tell people how to get a job! For this, you have to show-off your work. In that case, you can advertise on social media.
You can show your work samples in different design firms. Many times these design firms have the opportunity to work part-time in addition to full-time.
I can follow different digital marketing strategies. If you want, you can do these 5 digital marketing courses for free. This is the way most people are doing today. However, in this case, there are many problems with the payment.
6.Own office
You can earn money from AutoCAD by opening your own office. This will make it easier to find work in the local market as well as abroad. People will create a place of trust.
Market early on about your office. Tell people about your work and office. If the quality of your work is good, you will get work from the same person in the future.

The last thing I want to talk about is employment. It can be called a common and popular medium. For those who do not want to do the above hardships and want safe action, employment can be a good medium.
However, keep in mind that job independence and income are a bit low. You can keep an eye on the following websites to find a job. Such as:
 Indeed 
 Linkedin 

Last word
AutoCAD is a creative profession. Being a creative profession, this work is constantly changing. So, increase your skill regularly and follow the trending designs and earn money from AutoCAD.

Monday, 27 April 2020

seo conversion rate

seo conversion rate

seo conversion Optimization

Conversion rate is just as important for SEO as it is for any business site. However, conversion is not SEO. In fact, it is not the end of a visitor's long or short journey to a website. Because, these visitors can come to your website again and take part in the new journey of your business.

Every business owner, marketing company and everyone involved has a common question. And that is, how many leads of my organic traffic should be converted? Hidden inside this question is the introverted success of an online business. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to know the basics of conversion rate.

What is the conversion rate?

Let us understand the conversion rate through an example. Now it's winter, let's say you buy a geyser. After visiting five showrooms, you chose a geyser, you bought it. So sold to you but only a showroom. You turned around and saw four more showrooms. Potential buyers come to each such showroom, but do not buy.

The number of potential buyers who came throughout the day, and the number of products purchased, is called the conversion rate. CVR in English. It's a simple calculation, offline calculation.

Online conversion

There are now millions, not thousands, of websites online. The purpose of all of them is not to sell products. Someone may have opened a website to increase the subscribers of his magazine. Another for his school campaign. Any charity might be looking for volunteers, a form that can be accomplished through filing. So there is no sell-discount option, so how to determine the conversion rate?

Very simple method. You can verify your conversion rate by calculating the exact number of visitors to the purpose for which you opened the website. For example, how many visitors filled out a charity form online? Or exactly how many visitors subscribed to the magazine.

In a word, the conversion rate is a measure of what percentage of the total visitors are meeting the main purpose of the website. And, those visitors who are fulfilling the main purpose of the website are called converted visitors. A converted visitor who fills out the form as a volunteer, a magazine visitor is also a converted visitor.

The method of finding out the conversion rate is very simple. Total visitors need to be divided by converted visitors. For example, if the total number of visitors is 100, and the number of converted visitors is 10, then 100 ÷ 10 = 10, that is, the conversion rate is 10%.

A / B Test

In simple words, AB test is a method of verifying why the conversion rate is not increasing, what will be done if it is increased. In this case, except for two versions of the same webpage or apps, it is noticed which version is getting more converted visitors. Again, the response of the visitors is verified by making various changes and modifications in each version. In short, this is called A / B test.

seo conversion optimization

In English it is called CRO. There are two main parts to conversion rate optimizing. In the first part, the offer is basically re-evaluated. We have to provide more offers that will attract customers. The second part looks at the problems of the webpage. For example, if five subscribe buttons are placed on the same page, the visitor will be annoyed. Again if the button is so small that it cannot be seen, the visitor will not be interested in going to the next step. The content of the page should be interesting which will arouse the reader.

Conversion rate vs. bounce rate

The bounce rate is the opposite of the conversion rate. In very academic terms, the bounce rate is the one that gives the website indicator only one action signal per visit. Didn't understand, of course, no problem; I am leaving the academic language and explaining in my own language.

When a visitor enters a website and leaves without doing anything else, it is called a bounce. That is, they entered and left, and nothing else. So if you divide the total visitors by how many bounced, the bounce rate comes out.

Now the question is, is the high bounce rate harmful? It basically depends on the type of website. If the site is an AdSense website, or an e-commerce site, where the visitor leaves the home page, the site does not benefit, then the higher bounce rate is certainly harmful. On the other hand, if the site is informative, such as a blog site, where the necessary information is usually provided on the homepage, the high bounce rate is not harmful.


Many people confuse conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization. Two separate but interconnected issues. SEO is done to increase the visitors of the site. And the conversion is optimized to increase the number of converted visitors from the incoming visitors.

In other words, the purpose of SEO is to come to the first page of Google in search results, to bring as much traffic as possible from there. And the goal of conversion rate optimization is to make incoming visitors interested in receiving their products / services.

You made a good e-commerce site for online business, Dhamaka gave all the offers. But there are no visitors, so everything is hard work. Bhuri Bhuri brought visitors through SEO again, they came and saw that these are all bogus offers. There is nothing to buy from the site. If the price is high, the quality is not good or the delivery system is useless, then there is no profit in putting a lot of money behind SEO. Visitors will come and go. The profit margin will be so much that the higher the bounce rate, the more you will have to take a penalty from Google and leave the first page, even the last page.

So it means that one is useless without the other. So, it takes both. SEO will bring traffic. And to achieve the desired goal from all that traffic, the conversion rate has to be optimized. But where? There are many dedicated sites online that provide CRO services.

In short I have tried to give a basic and overall idea about the conversion rate. I hope I have explained the matter to you, thank you for being with me.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

how to become a fashion designer without a degree

how to become a fashion designer without a degree 

Although we don't know what fashion design means, almost everyone understands it. And many people want to be a fashion designer. But due to lack of proper environment and proper guidelines, many people cannot become fashion designers despite their desire.

fashion design
fashion design

Today I will tell you how to make your desire to become a fashion designer a reality. Before that, let's find out what fashion design really is.

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is an art or craft through which design, natural beauty and aesthetics are applied to clothes and their accessories. The type and process of fashion design is largely influenced by social and cultural attitudes.

In other words, fashion design is a trend that defends the current trend of a society. And the designers mainly embellish it with clothes or accessories.

Types of fashion design

There are different types or forms of fashion design. The most well-known form is apparel, whose other names include clothing and garments. And this form has two main sections. The first and most prestigious is the Hewitt couture, a kind of expensive garment made for certain wealthy people.

The term Heute couture is French and is related to the main or well-known fashion scene in Paris. In particular, there are workshops in Paris for fashion designers working on Hewitt Couture. Every season, these designers show their designs on two runways through models at the Paris Press.

Another type of fashion design is prĂȘt-a-porter. It is also a French word, in the West called ready-to-wear. This kind of fashion design is for all kinds of people. Ready-to-wear is basically quality clothing but its design is in factory and it has standard size.

Other fashion designs include su designs. Casual, athletic and formal - these types of su designs. Also, there are some more fashion designs including scarves, jewelry, handbags.

What is a fashion designer?

Have you ever designed your own clothes or other utensils? Ever wondered how to make a new kind of dress? Or have you ever wondered how to make a uniquely designed shoe or a handbag? You can say that it is not my job, my job is to wear.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. Whose job it is, he is a fashion designer. The one who designs fashion in simple language is a fashion designer.

A fashion designer designs a combination of fabric, shape, color, trimming and other aspects to create a specific look within a person. First he has to generate an idea to bring a special look to the person, then to turn it into a design through sketches. Later it goes to the pattern maker and finally goes to the garment factory and his design becomes a reality. The main designer of any fashion is the fashion designer.

How to become a fashion designer?

Prepare from school-college
Creating a fashion designer requires creativity. And color and shape are at the beginning of creativity in this sector. You must have good eyesight to recognize colors and understand shapes. This vision is not the power of the eyes, but the power of the heart with which you can recognize colors and shapes as well as understand the fashion trends of the outside world.

And it would be better to prepare for it from your school and college. That is, practice drawing from this time of study. Drawing and coloring will enable you to understand color and create patterns.

Read various books related to fashion design from school-college. There are lots of online magazines on fashion design. Spend time on such magazines without wasting time on Facebook. Also, learn how to use some visual design software. In particular, learn from these 5 free fashion design software and practice regularly.

Take a fashion design degree

Study on fashion design, get a degree. Many universities nowadays offer bachelor's degree programs in fashion design. After completing Higher Secondary Certificate Course or HSC, if possible, get admitted in Fashion Design without studying other subjects.

Several of the top  universities in our country have fashion design. You can get admitted in any of these by searching well. Remember, the fashion industry is quite competitive now. So, whoever has a degree on fashion design, he will definitely be ahead of others.

Take online fashion design courses

If you have already finished reading and studying other subjects, but want to build a career in fashion design, you can do any of these 5 free fashion design courses. Or if you have time and your interest is not lacking, you can end it all. Because, these courses are short, some are 15 hours, some are 2 weeks.

And if you already have a bachelor's degree in fashion design, these courses will work for you. Because, the courses are being conducted by many famous and expensive fashion designers of the world. Therefore, these courses will help you become proficient.

Try to gain real experience

You may have a degree in fashion design or some course on it, but you are not yet ready to build a career. You need real experience now. So, start working at any design firm, or manufacturing house for all the work experience from Idea to Execute Design and finally go through all the steps to production.

Different buying houses often carry pressure-hand ampoules. Even if the salary is very low, join to gain experience and make yourself proficient.

Open a LinkedIn account

Know that for all the reasons you need to have a LinkedIn account. Hope you understand the importance of having a LinkedIn account and open one today. Decorate your Lindin account with all your studies and work experience so far on fashion design. This will serve as your portfolio and help you get a job.

Build relationships with fashion designers

To be successful in fashion design you must have relationships with successful people. Always keep in touch with those who have studied this subject with you. In particular, make sure that there is no shortage of communication with those who have graduated in fashion design at varsity.

Also, where to meet as many fashion designers as possible, keep everyone’s numbers; Stay connected with everyone on all social media including Facebook and LinkedIn. Remember, circles are crucial for success in any sector.

Hope you know the details about what fashion design is. He got an idea about what a fashion designer is and what a fashion designer's job is. And most importantly, you know in detail how to be a fashion designer. Now, follow the above tips and become a skilled fashion designer.