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Make Money on youtube

 Make money on youtube

make money on youtube

YouTube Monetization 2020: How to make money from YouTube channel? How does YouTube pay? How to make money by monetizing YouTube? If you want to know how much money YouTube pays per view, including the income calculation on YouTube, you have to read today's post carefully from the beginning to the end. In this post, I will share the detailed rules for starting a YouTube channel and bringing money home from a YouTube channel.

There are many ways to earn money online from home. If you want, you can easily earn some money from the YouTube channel sitting at home. Recently, YouTube has become one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can earn money from YouTube channel only by uploading videos without any hassle. You can easily make money from YouTube channels with a little effort.

how do people make money on youtube?

The main source of income for a new or normal YouTuber is Google Adsense. When a YouTube channel has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, YouTube uses Google AdSense to monetize its channel's videos. After verifying the Google AdSense application, AdSense approves the YouTube channel if it deems it appropriate to monetize it or if it has good quality videos. After the approval, when someone watches the video of that YouTube channel, the video becomes an ad show. Since then, YouTube usually pays a YouTuber to calculate ad views. Also, a popular YouTuber can earn from the following ways.

What is the income from the Bangladesh YouTube channel?

Before Google Adsense supported Adsense in Bengali, that is, before 2016, Bangladeshi YouTubers could not earn money from YouTube. However, after supporting the Adsense Bangla language, it is becoming possible to earn money from the Bangla YouTube channel by monetizing the video and showing Adsense ads in the video. So you can easily earn money from youtube channels by making various tutorial videos in the Bengali language.

How to make money from the youtube channel?

To make money from a YouTube channel, you first need to create a YouTube channel. Then you need to sort your YouTube channel well. Once the YouTube channel you created is sorted, you need to create a video to upload to the channel. No need to worry about uploading videos to your YouTube channel. Because you don't have to pay YouTube to upload videos. You can upload unlimited size videos on YouTube for free.

01. YouTube channel open (How to open a YouTube channel?):

Opening a YouTube channel is a very easy task. With the mobile in your hand, you can easily create a YouTube channel in just 5 minutes. However, if you have a computer or laptop, it will be easier for you to open a YouTube channel and sort channels.

If you have no idea how to open a professional YouTube channel, you can take the help of our blog. Because we have shared a detailed post on our blog about how to open a professional YouTube channel. We will share the link to open a professional YouTube channel in this post. I hope you can create a YouTube channel by knowing the details from the post.

What does it take to open a YouTube channel?

Just as every company has certain rules, you have to follow certain rules to open a YouTube channel or work on YouTube. Without some basic requirements, you will not be able to open a channel on YouTube and work on YouTube. It usually takes the following things to open a YouTube channel.

You must be eighteen years old.

You will need a Gmail ID.

A mobile number will be required.

You have to follow YouTube's program policy (it's a big deal).

02. Uploading videos to YouTube channel:

To upload videos to your YouTube channel, you first need to create good quality videos. There are two ways you can create a video. The first is to create a video with a video camera or smartphone camera and upload it to YouTube and the second is to create a variety of tutorial videos and upload it to YouTube with the help of a computer or mobile. But before making a video, one thing to keep in mind is that your video must be fun or instructive and of good quality. This cannot be done by copying someone else's video or making minor changes. You may be liable for the copyright to YouTube.

What kind of video do you upload to YouTube?

Before you start making videos, you need to think and decide what you know, understand, and are interested in working on. You must make videos on topics that you know well and are interested in working on. When you make a good video knowing something, people will benefit from watching your video and will like it more because they like the videos on your YouTube channel.

Here are some tricks to follow in determining the topic of your video. Because if you just create a video without following the tricks, your video will not be viewed even if it is uploaded to YouTube. For that, in order to get the view of the video, you have to make the kind of video that people need on YouTube.

You need to make videos on your YouTube channel with topics that people are currently searching for a lot on the internet and YouTube. That's why you should create your YouTube channel on a topic that people have a lot of demand for and interest in nowadays. Then more people will have the opportunity to watch the video you have created. And the more people watch your video, the more your income will increase. On the other hand, if you upload a video on a topic that is not searched on the Internet and YouTube, then you will not benefit from uploading such videos. So in deciding the topic of the video, you have to think with a cool head.

What to make a YouTube channel?

As I said before, the success of a YouTube channel will largely depend on the topic of your channel. It is important to know what you would benefit from making a video about. Below I am sharing some popular YouTube topics that if you can work with, you can easily increase the view of the video and earn more money from YouTube.

Technology: The present age is the age of the internet and technology. Technology related topics have a lot of value in both blogging and YouTube. This is because making videos about tech, uploading them to YouTube gets more views and the video shows more advertisements, so the technology channel's YouTube channel has more revenue than other topics.

Gaming: There is a lot of demand for gaming channels on YouTube. Gaming channels are the second most popular YouTube channel in the world in terms of popularity and subscribers. This is because gaming channels are becoming more popular than private YouTube channels.

Product Reviews: Product Common is a topic. As human beings, we have to use one or another product. You can be successful in a short time if you can create a channel and upload videos with any kind of product review, starting with digital products. Moreover, the task of a product review is relatively easy.

Tutorials: You can be a tutor on any subject. As a human being, you must have experience in one thing or another. For that, you can make tutorial videos by presenting beautifully on the subject that you know well. However, if you can make a tutorial video on tech, you can easily get success.

Food: The topic of food has lagged far behind in terms of blogging since the launch of YouTube. Because how to make food can be shown in the video, it can not be presented nicely by writing in the blog. If you are a housewife or you can cook good recipes, you can easily gain popularity by uploading videos of different types of food on YouTube.

Fashion and Beauty: Who doesn't like to do fashion and makeup. Girls of all ages, starting from men of all ages, prefer the fashion thing. If you are a fashion designer or work in a beauty parlor or like to do fashion, then you can earn money from YouTube by sharing various fashion and beauty tips.

Weight loss & Healthy Living: This topic is called Lifestyle for short. If you can share tips on different types of exercise, yoga, gym, and health, you will be able to increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel in a very short time. You can follow the popular YouTuber "Dr. Jahangir Kabir" Sir for example. Although he does not claim to be a YouTuber, you can imagine that his YouTube channel adds about 5-10 thousand new subscribers every day. Moreover, I have seen a YouTube channel that has gained 6 lakh subscribers by sharing only one video on "Weight Loss".

Funny Video: Who doesn't like to have fun. When a person is upset, he takes refuge in something funny to make his mind better. Such videos are very popular. Because Funny Video is watched by all classes of people.

Travel: If you are a travel enthusiast, it becomes easy for you to become a YouTuber. Because in this case, you do not have to bother to make a video. When you visit a place of interest, capturing those videos with your camera becomes your job. Moreover, such videos are very popular.

Animals: Usually these types of YouTube channels are also for people who love to travel. Especially those photographers who do such YouTube channels. If you are a photographer, you can earn money from YouTube channel by uploading videos of various animals, birds, and creatures.

03. YouTube Monetization:

According to YouTube's new policy, in order to monetize a YouTube channel, your YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time a year. So after a minimum of 4,000 hours of video views a year on YouTube, you can start earning money from YouTube by monetizing the YouTube channel. However, before 2019, there was no set rule for monetizing YouTube videos. But YouTube updated their program policy in 2019.

If you have 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel and 4000 hours of watch time in a year, you will get the option to monetize your channel by going to Channel Icon> Creator Studio> Monetization. Then YouTube will show you the monetization option eligible. When your monetization option is eligible, you need to enable the monetization option of your YouTube channel. After enabling the monetization option, you need to apply for Google Adsense through your YouTube channel.

To open an AdSense account with your YouTube channel, you first need to copy the link to your YouTube channel. Then click on this link on the official website of Google AdSense to fill-up the form and apply for Google AdSense.  

However, you can not monetize your video with the application of AdSense. After applying for Google Adsense, Google will review your YouTube channel in 5/7 days. AdSense will approve your YouTube channel if you think your channel is appropriate after reviewing it. Only if AdSense is approved, you can monetize your video and earn money from YouTube by showing AdSense ads in your video.

Now you will continue to upload new videos regularly. After uploading, you will see the Monetized option at the bottom of the video. Google will show different ads in your video from now on if you tick the Monetize with ads option here. However, be careful not to upload any type of copied video. Then YouTube will disable your Monetized option at any time.

But if Google Adsense rejects your application without approving it, you will not be able to show ads in the video. In this case, you will upload a few more good videos and apply for AdSense again after 10-15 days. Adsense will approve your application if you have good quality videos on your YouTube channel.

04. How to make money from Youtube? Ways to make money from YouTube

Usually, when your income is full of 10 on YouTube, the Google AdSense team will ask you to verify your address, bank account, and Google AdSense account. Google will send a letter to the post office at your local address when you apply for your address, bank account, and AdSense account verification from AdSense's settings option. The letter will have the official seal of Google AdSense. After opening the AdSense letter you will see a PIN number. You can verify your address, bank account, and AdSense account using the PIN number. From then on, your AdSense account will show verified and Google attaches great importance to verified AdSense account.

Then on YouTube, when your income is full of  100, you will have the option to withdraw that money. After applying to withdraw money from the Google AdSense account, Google will send your money to Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Bank will send the money to your desired bank account. In the case of India, the rupee probably reaches the desired bank through the RBI. Basically, this is how YouTube delivers the money you earn.

Many people think that earning money from YouTube by uploading videos is nothing but a ridiculous and mere story. But it is an absolute fact that you can bring in foreign remittances from Google by working on YouTube from home. There are some Bangladeshi and Kolkata YouTubers I know who are earning money on YouTube only to support their family. In addition to earning money, he is also continuing his studies or professional work.

How much does YouTube pay for how many views?

You need to read a detailed post to understand how much money YouTube pays. Because there are a lot of calculations about how much money YouTube pays. That's why I can't summarize your point here. There is a detailed post on this topic in our blog. Read our blog post to know how much money YouTube pays per view or how much money YouTube pays for every 1000 views. Then you can clearly know how much money is equal to how many views on YouTube.

How much money can be earned from YouTube?

YouTube usually pays for Google Adsense's CPC, CTR, and RPM. To know how much money can be made from YouTube, you need to understand the calculation of Adsense. Because Google Adsense pays after calculating and considering many aspects of their advertising. You will also need to read another post on our blog to find out. We have shared all the mathematical calculations of AdSense in detail in that post. We will share the post here. If you read that post, you will understand for yourself how much money you can earn from YouTube every month?

How to increase the revenue of the YouTube channel?

In order to increase the revenue of your YouTube channel, first of all, you have to make good quality videos and upload them on YouTube. You also need to do video optimization including YouTube search engine optimization. When you do these two things together, the amount of income from your YouTube channel will continue to increase day by day.

01. Description in the video

Upon uploading a new video, write a description of 8/10 lines below the video about the content of the video. Then YouTube can easily get an idea about your video. In this way, YouTube will deliver the video to the visitors according to the assigned topic.

02. Interesting thumbnail in the video

Research on watching videos on YouTube shows that more than 80% of people start watching videos by watching the thumbnail of YouTube videos. Many YouTubers say that the more interesting Thumbnail videos are used, the more popular their videos become. If you spend 3 hours creating a video, you will spend a minimum of 1 hour creating a thumbnail. Because Thumbnail of a video briefly describes what the video will look like. So Thumbnail must be made interesting by matching the content of the video.

03. Video tagged

After uploading the video, you will see an empty cell at the bottom of the Descriptions for tags. There is an option to write short tags. You will only select the category of your video, that is, you will select 10-12 tags of the type or close to the type of your video. This way search engines will be able to easily understand the type of your video.

04. Make regular videos

Try to upload new good quality videos regularly. Then the Viewer of your Channel will continue to grow. And increasing the viewer means increasing your income.

05. Video Sharing

After publishing the video, you can share your video on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. This will make it easier for people to find out about your videos.

07. Creating backlinks

You can link your video to other popular blogs that are making video tutorials or videos on the subject. By doing this you will get a lot of visitors to your site from there.

Is the income from YouTube halal?

The question of making money from YouTube channel actually raises a question in the minds of most people, is it really halal or haraam to make money from YouTube? In answer to this question, I will say briefly, your money will be halal if you make money from YouTube by making videos through halal content. And if you make money from YouTube by making illegal music and videos that are not permissible, then your income is haraam. So what kind of video you make from YouTube will depend on what you are earning. YouTube's income is halal or haram.

Last word

Since YouTube is a part of the Google company, you can earn money from YouTube faithfully by using your hard work from here if you want. The biggest advantage of this is that you do not have to buy any type of domain and hosting. Moreover, Google AdSense approval is easily available through YouTube. So I think this is the easiest, free, and reliable way to make money online.

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The best paid online survey site

 The best paid online survey site 

The best paid online survey site
Paid online Survey

Paid surveys are one of the options to earn extra money from home or while traveling thanks to the internet. There are many online jobs that you can do to generate extra income, one of the most accessible is to fill out surveys that are paid.

There are a number of companies that offer money in exchange for filling out surveys. Although there are some pages where you have to pay to access these services, in this list we have only added the free pages to earn money by doing surveys suitable for both Spain and Latin American countries.

If you are a student, you are unemployed, you want to earn extra money for your hobbies or you are traveling the world as a backpacker, here is one of the dozens of ways to earn money with the internet.

Surveys are online, they are done through specific web portals, so it does not matter to have an exact physical location. You can do them from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

Be careful, taking surveys you are not going to become a millionaire, and surely, neither will I give you a salary, it is a complimentary job to earn extra money. Depending on the number of surveys you can take, you can get more or less money. Take it as a job to generate supplemental income.

How paid surveys work

The paid survey business has been around for many years. It consists of giving your opinion on different products, brands, events, etc. In this way, you will accumulate exchangeable points or money.

There are certain platforms that may seem unreliable as they ask to make a subscription before starting this activity. We do not recommend registering on any platform that you have to pay to earn money. Now, each one is the owner of her shares.

Here we have created a list of the best-paid survey websites. All these web portals are free, you don't have to pay anything to register.

You must first register on the platform of your choice. Once registered, you will have access to a series of surveys. Some platforms send you surveys based on your profile, on the data you have filled out in the registration.

How much do you earn with paid surveys?

Surveys are paid based on the size of the surveys. Some can be done in a few minutes, others, on the other hand, will take about 20 minutes. Logically, those of a longer duration tend to have better rewards.

Regarding the remuneration for conducting surveys, it will vary depending on the time and subject matter of the survey. Payments are usually made in cash, through Paypal and they can even offer gift vouchers such as Amazon cards, etc.

List of the best websites to carry out paid surveys

If you want to get more extra money, you can register on several pages to take surveys than those shown below. In this way, you will have access to a greater number of opportunities when it comes to being selected to take paid surveys.



Swagbucks is a platform where you can earn money and cards by watching videos and filling out surveys. You just have to create your account for free and start earning points right away that you can redeem for cash or rewards online.

You can sign up for free at Swagbucks here.


It is one of the oldest tools to earn money answering surveys.



This company has been in the paid surveys sector for more than 9 years and has 5 million users. If you want to earn extra money filling out surveys, this platform should not be missing from your list.

You can register for free here.


The best paid online survey site

It's a paid survey website that you can redeem for money or Amazon ches. It is available for a large number of countries around the world, both Spanish-speaking and other languages.

You just have to click on the country and fill in the form to register, it is very simple. If you have any questions, Surveyeah has a 24-hour service to solve any incident.

You can sign up for Survey Yeah here.

life points

The best paid online survey site
Life point

It is another of the oldest paid survey platforms on the market, with more than ten years behind it. In addition, it is also one of the ones that send the most surveys to its users.

This portal offers the possibility of exchanging points for money or for Amazon, Ikea, and even gift cards from Corte Inglés. Also, send the money earned with My Survey to an NGO.

The downside of this platform is that it is only available to residents of Spain and the United States.

You can sign up for life points here.


The best paid online survey site

Another option that is presented at the national level is i-Say. In it, you can find surveys to give your opinion on international brands, leisure, and other activities.

At the end of the surveys you will get points, the more surveys you complete, the more points you will get. Then, those points, you can exchange them for prizes.


EncuestaTick provides everything you need to carry out any type of survey, collect and process data online. Fast and easy.

You can register in I-say here.

Opinion Center

Opinion Center is another resource to take into account when conducting paid surveys.

The best paid online survey site
opinion center

Every time you carry out a survey with this company, you will receive a series of points that you can exchange for money (paid through Paypal) as well as Amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, and they even offer raffles where you can win up to 1,250 euros each trimester.

Spain and some Latin American countries are available.

You can sign up for free 


The best paid online survey site

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion) is a paid survey platform aimed at the public in the United States, South America, and other destinations around the world. The page is in English.

Checks are cashed starting at $ 10. Most surveys last about ten minutes and the questions are usually easy to answer.

You can sign up for ACOP here.

Green Panthera

The best paid online survey site
Green Panther

Green Panthera is a platform for taking online paid surveys. It is one of the portals that send the most surveys to your email. This platform is available to citizens of Spain, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina.

You Can signup here 

Give your opinion and win

Opine y Gane is one of the most famous and long-standing portals. Years ago I was registered in this portal and they paid between 1 to 1.5 euros per survey. It works the same as the rest of the platforms. You must register, fill in your information and you will receive a series of paid surveys that will provide a benefit at the end of the month.

Of course, Opine y Gane does not offer cash, you have to exchange it for coupons or gift cards from Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Zalando, or other companies.

Tips to earn more money filling out online surveys

In order to receive the largest number of surveys, and therefore earn more money, you have to follow a series of tips that I have tried over the years.

It is essential to complete your profile to the fullest. The more data you offer, the more you will have access to surveys. Keep in mind that the company selects each profile that is going to fill out the survey as long as it is not filled out meaninglessly.

When filling in the themes, hobbies, and others, you must complete all the boxes you can. You use a car, you have glasses, you wear contact lenses, you buy cleaning products, pet products, you travel often ... as in the previous case, more and better. Profiles with little data will receive fewer paid surveys.

Be careful not to mention that you work in marketing, advertising, or a related area. Neither does any member of your family. This question is very frequent when you start filling out your profile on the different survey platforms.

If your income is low and you reflect it on the platform, no surveys will arrive. They are looking for buyers, people who comment on products, who spend money to buy items, events, and others, therefore, you should put that you have a medium/high income.

Another tip is to create a new email account and use it only for surveys.

I hope these web pages earn money filling out surveys and these tips will help you to generate extra income whatever your situation: student, unemployed, or traveling the world.

Guide to Working Remotely

Do you want to work remotely from home or from anywhere in the world? Would you like to have a job that allows you to work offshore, with flexible schedules and absolute mobility? or. Do you want to learn how to generate an extra income working remotely? This all sounds great but How do you do it?

We want to make it easier for you to find opportunities to work remotely. To do this, we have created this guide where you will find all the updated information to understand what remote work is, take the initiative, and take action to get your future job online.

The Guide to Working Remotely is tailor-made for those who are new to the online world, want to work from home, or from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad. Also, we have a 50% discount for all readers by adding the coupon "LECTORTXM" when making the payment.

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Top 20 ways to get paid to read books (book Review jobs)

 Top 20 ways to get paid to read books (book Review jobs)

Top 20 ways to get paid to read books (book Review jobs)
Book Review

Reading books is a fabulous hobby. In fact, nearly all of the world's billionaires, including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Peter F. Drucker, and Mark Zuckerberg, are avid readers. They read dozens of books every month. And these millionaires attribute their success to the habit of reading.

Unfortunately, the cost of books and a shortage of time prevent us from reading books. But what if you could read books and get paid for it too? Wouldn't you take the time and try harder to read books?

If this sounds interesting to you, here are 20 great ways to earn money reading books. As long as you have the necessary qualifications, of course, to apply for a book reviewer, editor, or proofreader jobs.

Requirements to get paid to read books

The only way to earn money reading books is by working as a proofreader, editor, or proofreader. Without exception, the work is available only to graduates in English, Literature, Journalism, and Fine Arts.

And that's not enough: you will also need skills to write critical appraisals, edit and proofread a book.

Because reviewing, editing, or correcting books is a very serious matter. An incorrect revision can cause immense losses to an author and publisher. A poorly revised book may mean that the printer has to throw away all the copies and make new ones with the correct spelling and punctuation.

That's why businesses and organizations pay between $ 19 per hour and $ 200 per review to read a book. Therefore, most organizations and publishers impose very strict standards when it comes to getting people to read books for a fee.

It is possible to work full-time and part-time or even freelance as a book reviewer and critic, editor, or proofreader.

If you meet these requirements, here is a list of the top 20 ways to get paid to read books.

The 20 best ways to earn money reading books

Before applying for a job that pays to read books, here is something to remember. An editor might ask you to take a skills test.

And they will allow you to review books in only one genre, such as fiction, non-fiction, spirituality, children's, educational, and others. Only in rare cases can you earn money by reading two different genres of books.

1. Book reviewers for the media

On average, book critics or book critics as they are known to earn an average of $ 63,000 a year working with major newspapers and media companies. Their only job is to provide weekly or even daily reviews of newly released books.

The New York Times is the leading book critic. In fact, newspaper book reviews are one of the reasons thousands of books emerge as bestsellers in the world. Book reviews are critics of books in the media that are highly paid.

2. Work as a librarian

Another great way to get paid to read is by working as a librarian. This job definitely requires skills like a degree in Library Science. Of course, you can read books for free while you have some free time in the library.

At the same time, employers, publishers, and booksellers also pay you to read, review, and suggest whether the book should be kept in the library. This is perfectly legitimate. That's because authors and booksellers compete fiercely for their books at famous libraries, universities, and colleges.

3. Barnes & Noble Book Critics

Barnes & Noble prides itself on being the world's largest online bookstore, for one important reason. They publish many books on various genres by authors from all over the world. B&N operates in various locations in the US.

As a leading US book publisher, B&N also hires professional critics, reviewers, editors, and other staff to read its new or yet to be released publications. You can imagine the size of Barnes & Noble's business - at any given time, they have over a million titles available online and offline.

4. Upwork and

You can also get paid to read books as a freelancer. These jobs are generally available on freelance portals such as Upwork and, among others.

They are available for skills including editing, proofreading, rewriting, or even writing reviews. You may also come across works by certain authors who want excellent reviews of their books on Amazon and other websites.

While Upwork charges a fee ranging from five to 20 percent of your income for reading books, charges a membership fee payable by monthly subscription. There are other websites like Fiverr,, and Freelancer where you can find work to get paid to read books.

5. Online book club

Online Book Club is an American organization that offers free and inexpensive services, such as book editing, proofreading, and proofreading. Hundreds of writers submit manuscripts of their books for review to the Online Book Club, before they are released or for public reading.

You can apply for book critic jobs at Online Book Club. And while you wait for a paid review opportunity, it's also possible to read several other free books, in your favorite genre. This is an ideal forum for book lovers to read books awaiting publication and make suggestions if necessary.

6. Kindle Desktop Post Reviewer

Amazon, in its bid to offer paper and digital books, has this incredible service known as Kindle Desktop Publishing. It enables budding authors to self-publish books without the need for costly publishers and agents.

However, KDP offers opportunities for authors to find freelance editors, reviewers, and proofreaders to ensure their book is popular.

Generally, this is freelance work and an author may decide to hire their services. However, Amazon Kindle primarily relies on free reviews from readers to promote a book. That's why some authors pay to post a great review of their book on the Amazon Kindle.

7. Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Media offers the Kirkus Review service where both new and seasoned authors can seek independent opinions on their work for a fee. So, you can read some great books for free and earn money too. However, this feature is available only to professional book reviewers with a proven track record.

They also have book editing and revision services. Again, they only accept qualified and experienced editors and proofreaders because some of the best authors also turn to Kirkus Media for services. Apply through their portal with an example or skills test.

8. Explore book accepts applications for book reviewers throughout the year. As the job requires, you will need some qualifications and experience to become a book critic with them. If you meet their standards, offers a signature on their posts and a small fee.

Another way to earn money is by entering their Win-a-Book contest. This contest is open seasonally and the prize, which is a free book, is the main attraction. Please read the terms and conditions before applying as a reviewer. They have strict quality controls.

9. is the best website to earn money for reading books. As the name suggests, this is a web portal where you can get freelance proofreading jobs. That means you can bid to correct any book by a budding or new author. You can also choose to read educational books, comics, and other things.

The hourly rate for proofreaders in the United States ranges from $ 18 to $ 25 per hour. For the specialized review, it can go as high as $ 45 per hour. And you can check out books of various genres for free while making money. Although these jobs do not require special qualifications, an excellent command of English, perfect grammar, and punctuation are required.

10. WCW online

The Wellesley Centers for Women or WCW offers a service for women to review various publications and books while earning money for their work. The service goes by the name of Women's Review of Books. They typically review books by female writers, students, and aspiring writers, as well as scholarship and thesis applications.

According to various online sources, WCW Online pays up to $ 100 for an excellent review. The rate depends on several factors. This is a great website for women who love books and have the qualifications to earn money reading as a side job.

11. Hodder and Stoughton

UK-based Hodder & Stoughton has been in the book publishing business since 1868. It is part of the larger Hatchett Group, which is among the world's leading book publishers. They have published books by some legendary authors like Sir Winston Churchill and Enid Blyton, to name a few.

You can apply for a full-time job as a book editor and reviewer at Hodder & Stoughton, provided you have the necessary skills. They are a highly respected and extremely professional publisher in the world and therefore are inundated with submissions from budding authors. Therefore, they offer positions only when they accept newer book submissions.

12. Baker Publishing

Founded in 1938, the Baker Publishing Group is famous throughout the world for its religious books for the Christian faith. The group is made up of several publishers, each with its own specialization in Christian books. They hire book editors, reviewers, and proofreaders who are well versed in the Holy Bible and other Christian scriptures due to the nature of their business.

Baker Publishing always has openings for spiritually-minded individuals who can review, edit, or correct books that are used for Christian teachings and religious libraries. Most of his books are written by qualified clergymen. If you have that spiritual bent, Baker Publishing is a great place to work, enrich your knowledge of Christianity, and earn some money.

13. Penguin-Random House

The leading US publisher Penguin-Random-House requires a lot of people to read, proofread, edit, and proofread books. And it is one of the leading employers of people who have the necessary skills. They operate around the world and are renowned for offering affordable books in various countries.

Penguin- Random House is best known for its educational books. Therefore, experts in any field, including complex ones like medicine and engineering, can look to make money from this organization. You will have to apply through the Careers portal. You can join as a trainee, experienced or entry-level reviewer, proofreader, or editor in this super organization.

14. Government Publications Office

If you are a lawyer or have experience in some specialized fields, you can earn money reading books and other publications issued by the Government Publications Office of the US government, and the GPO issues books and publications for almost all federal departments and agencies. Therefore, there is no shortage of work.

This is a federal job. That means not only will you get paid to read books, but you will also be entitled to receive all the benefits of a federal employee. The GPO issues books and publications for various purposes, from creating public awareness of something or manuals and standard operating procedures for various organizations.

15. Net galley

Net Galley serves as a meeting point for authors, editors, and reviewers. Writers and publishers can submit their work online and request reviews and suggestions that can help improve a book. It is a very popular website for book lovers because they can read for free and earn some money.

To get paid to read books, see their website, terms, and conditions. The website is very easy to use. Therefore, it attracts tens of thousands of book lovers every week. Based on various reviews on this website, you can earn around $ 10 for reading a book and giving feedback.


I'm not really sure how Booklist Reader enables people to make money by reading books. However, many bookworms testify that they get some money for reading and reviewing the latest books for various buyers.

The website for the book list itself does not include any of these possibilities. However, I suggest that you explore various possibilities to earn money here. However, the book list is a place for new authors to submit their work and seek reviews. The website lists several genres of books.

17. Start your own blog

Starting your own blog is the best way to get paid to read books is by opening your own blog. But I suggest this only if you really love books and are an avid reader who knows how to review books. Starting a blog can be quite easy if you read this tutorial online or watch a YouTube video that teaches blogging.

You can open a free blog or a paid one by purchasing a domain name and hosting. If you write great book reviews, it is also possible to make money selling books with affiliate marketing through your blog. And many authors and publishers may also pay you to post a blog review.

18. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace may seem like the most unlikely place on this planet to get paid to read books. Look again. You'll find authors, educators, and libraries in your own area who want reviewers, editors, and proofreaders to review books for various purposes. In fact, one of those jobs I came across was to compare the 1991 edition of a bestseller to the 2018 edition and mark the differences.

This type of job that you will find on Facebook Marketplace does not require you to be a professional reviewer or book critic. They are open to almost everyone who can read and is fluent in English. Libraries also look for book reviews before storing something on their shelves for readers, as I mentioned earlier.

19. Create a YouTube channel

You can also open a YouTube channel that talks about various books. Basically, it will provide video commentary on a book through author reviews and biographies, latest book releases, and other related stuff. Opening a YouTube channel is free. All you need is a Google account.

You can upload paid book review videos, own reviews, and comments, and monetize the vlog through Google Adsense. Vlogging also doesn't require a lot of special skills as a book critic. However, if you have good knowledge, the chances are that your YouTube channel will be very successful.

20. Elsevier

Elsevier is the largest web portal for research-based books on specialized fields of medicine. It is an organization that has been helping medical fraternity around the world since 1880. In fact, Elsevier accepts only the best and proven medical research and books for its website. Only members can download them, for a fee.

To ensure that only the best medical and research books are online through its portal, Elsevier hires a team of highly qualified medical professionals as reviewers. If you are a doctor, this is an ideal place to learn about the latest research and books in your field by reading them for free and earning money as a reviewer.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I will add that book review, editing and proofreading are not mere work-from-home ideas or side jobs to earn quick money. Instead, it is a serious profession that needs a suitable degree and, above all, a passion for reading. Apply only if you meet these requirements.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

wondershare filmora registration key and email 2020

 wonder share filmora registration key and email 2020

wondershare filmora registration key and email 2020

 registration key 

Complete benefit approximately how to profit clear filmora key and email quarters, the latest key of 2020, Filmora9 is intended for Youtubers, Facebook videos creator, and all new users joined to video content, suitable to the group for beginner, experts as ably as individuals. You can easily verify the all wind you up tools easily because of the best interface. Its best for short as proficiently as long timeline videos. Searching for Filmora's registration code has brought you to this place. Here we will provide you with all the necessary information you are looking for about Filmora. You will learn the features, distinguishing features, installation procedures, and other essential information about Filmora. Wondershare Filmora creation is known for creating amazing videos by editing in a unique yet elegant way. It is a software that is enjoyed even by the beginners in this field.

Wondershare Filmora Free Key Free Worklist.

Licensed Email:
Registration code: 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
Licensed Email:
Registration code: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
Licensed Email:
Registration code: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808
Licensed Email:
Registration code: 10403029CF3644154841651AF141E800
Licensed Email:
Registration code: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
Licensed Email:
Registration code: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
Licensed Email:
Registration code: 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
Licensed Email:
Registration code: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
Licensed Email:
Registration code: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808
Wondershare Filmora Free License Key - Wondershare Filmora 9

Wondershare Filmora Free Key

Wondershare Filmora 9 License Key 88347C117F231A23DB17A2298EF33514
Wondershare Filmora 9 License Key 13E6700B4221D028E1F2560D3E144E25
Wondershare Filmora 9 License Key 7B3B08087AA65C1E9825FE2299950E1E
Wondershare Filmora License Key 9.4 F8DB6328B0277C157635B81DB6320D15
Wondershare Filmora 9.4 license key 63AC9B12EABABA0FF7732A235310B114
Wondershare Filmora 9.4 license key E2E40F024595E0177B0DB20562130B29

Wondershare Filmora 9 latest activation key, version 2020

Licensed Email:
Wondershare Filmora 9 Activation Key: 10403029CF3644154841651AF141E800
Licensed Email:
Wondershare Filmora 9 Activation Key: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
Licensed Email:
Wondershare Filmora 9 activation key: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
Licensed Email:
Wondershare Filmora Activation Key 9.4: 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
Licensed Email:
Wondershare Filmora 9.4 Activation Key: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
Licensed Email:
Wondershare Filmora 9.4 Activation Key: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808

Prueba estos Filmora 9 Serial Key 2020

Licensed e-mail: 
Filmora 9 Serial Key : CE8B0909EEC77B27DFEA94190F3A0223

Licensed e-mail:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E

Licensed e-mail:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301

Licensed e-mail:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19

Licensed e-mail:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808

Serial code Filmora 9 2020

Click on the “Help” tab, and select the “Activate Filmora9” option in the list; (look at the below picture)

Licensed email:
Filmora 9 serial code: CE8B0909EEC77B27DFEA94190F3A0223
Licensed Email:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
Licensed Email:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
Licensed Email:
Filmora 9 Serial Key: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
Licensed Email:
Filmora 9 serial code: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808

After clicking on “Activate Filmora9”, a similar window will appear: (Look at the below picture)

License Key Wondershare Filmora 9.4 - 63AC9B12EABABA0FF7732A235310B114

License Key Wondershare Filmora 9.4 - E2E40F024595E0177B0DB20562130B29

License Key Wondershare Filmora 9 - 13E6700B4221D028E1F2560D3E144E25

License Key Wondershare Filmora 9.4 - F8DB6328B0277C157635B81DB6320D15

License Key Wondershare Filmora 9 - 88347C117F231A23DB17A2298EF33514

License Key Wondershare Filmora 9 - 7B3B08087AA65C1E9825FE2299950E1E

Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: CE8B0909EEC77B27DFEA94190F3A0223
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 2E1540E40E4C849905792F611A0EAF3715
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 1C670A76D88EAA0945B8762F4B4A2B1A
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 10403029CF3644154841651AF141E800
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD1220E
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B301
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D08
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89A19
Licensed e-mail:
Registration code: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033808

What can Filmora software do?

Video editing is an excellent procedure for handling all types of videos. If you haven't captured the video correctly or the final look isn't too impressive, then you would definitely like to handle it in a different way to make it more impressive. Video editing is the process to handle those videos that need some improvement.
Video editing helps video creators who have yet to reach professional levels. It allows them to focus on weak areas in the videos and correct them as needed. Typically, this process includes applications and software that are not too expensive and are just as easy to use.
Editing software generally supports all types of audio and video files. The consumer has the option of adding effects to the videos. The same can be done with the designs and modifications associated with the videos. The wide variety of editing tools available on websites and stores are also useful in 4K resolution.
With so many options available to edit filmora registration code for free, it can help you get the best experience as a video editor.

Filmora, an overview

After acquiring the filmora registration code, it is easier to enjoy various new additions for the videos. These effects generally include animations, overlays, GIFs, music, and much more. It also helps to add a voice-over when needed. Cut, shrink, compress, blur, remove noise, and do whatever you want to do with the video you actually captured from any device. It is for these reasons that the Filmora registration code for 2020 free is now in high demand.
For an impressive video, it is very important to have an adequate number of screens and their settings. You can choose the best part of any video to actually play it.
Filmora helps make things awesome by adding text and transitions. There is no match to the eat text feature that allows the user to use the text the way they want.

What Makes Filmora Stand Out?

Filmora's registration code is worth praising because of its outstanding features. It is recommended by video producers of all skill levels who have come forward to praise the software due to the amazing editing experience they had due to the following features:
The split-screen option offers a better option for working with your video.
Edit the text in the most unique style to make the videos eye-catching and impressive.
Tilt-shift and mosaic blurry are great effects for making videos stunning.
Enjoy full control over audio and visual controls.
Make videos interesting and impressive using multilayer function
Add different audios to videos using an audio mixer.

With the addition of the Chroma mix function, it is possible to create any type of background.
With the screen recording option, it is easier to keep an eye on the video and record it while editing.
There is an opportunity to edit the video and audio separately. Separate the audio from the video and edit them as needed.
Scene detection is a professional feature that can now also be used by beginners.
If you had recorded a video with too much shake and turbulence, use the video stabilization feature for a perfect, smooth end product.

Color grading presets let you ensure the perfect tones and colors in your video.
Add GIFs to your video to give them a more personalized look.
Get rid of all kinds of annoying video noise.

System Requirements

If you want to get Filmora by then, before using Filmora code and email, please make sure that the system used to install it meets the following requirements:

Operating systems: Windows 10 and 8 / MAC 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra

Activation: requires internet connectivity for activation
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and AMD
Disk space: 1.2 Gb
Also check: Avast Premier license keys

How to get the registration code?

While using the free version, you will see the watermark on the video. If you want to avoid these watermarks, it is recommended to obtain the registered version of Filmora. Many YouTubers recommend it to create and upload the videos of your choice. In this way, they spend little time and get good results.
If you are just starting your career as a YouTuber and want to make the best videos for the public, use the Filmora registration code. This is an inexpensive option to edit the videos. Besides 4K resolution, it offers many more opportunities for users to make a video with many styles and effects. Customize your creation to your liking. Record your works and watch your performance later.
You can easily sign up for Filmora for free and then create a lifetime creation without watermarks.

Just follow the steps below and get the registered version:

After the download is complete, choose the installation option.

Open the file after installation and choose Full Features Mode.

Click on the "HELP" option on the top menu bar. Choose for the Register option and then click activate after adding an email address and authentic registration code.
After clicking the activation button if you get a pop-up message "Activation error, your email has been banned", it means there is something wrong with the whole process.
To solve the problem, follow this sequence: My Computer, C: drive -> Program Files (X86) -> Common Files-> Wondershare Helper Compact-> And then find the WSHelper.Exe file. Delete file
Open Wondershare again and choose Full Feature Mode to re-register.
Last words
Filmora is a great tool to improve video making skills and create amazing videos for any social media platform. Amazing features transform videos into something truly inspiring and amazing.

top digital marketing companies

 top digital marketing companies

top digital marketing companies
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing companies will not only allow you to increase the visibility of your business, but they will also bring you new clients and increase performance. So don't think twice! Keep reading, that we at Web de Marketing bring you the best digital marketing companies in Spain.

Digital marketing companies will implement strategies that will allow you to have an online presence, which currently, in this digital age, is equivalent to existing in the web market. Likewise, you will be able to measure the results of the actions implemented to carry out the pertinent corrections.

What are the best digital marketing companies in Spain?

In Spain, we have a wide catalog of digital marketing companies, which makes it difficult to select the agency to which you will give the great responsibility of improving the performance of your business through the web.

Therefore, to help you with your decision, we present the 8 best digital marketing companies in Spain so that you can make the best decision according to your needs.

1. NeoAttack: The best Digital Marketing Agency

The digital marketing company NeoAttack is made up of a team of young specialists in global marketing, which has evolved over time, becoming one of the fastest-growing agencies in Madrid.

It offers SEO positioning services, Adwords advertising, Social Media, Web design, content marketing, and Mobile Application development. It guarantees that your business will be boosted through the implementation of successful strategies that will make your brand grow by reinforcing your branding.

So, if you are looking for a personalized service that allows you to generate income and publicize your company, contact them so that you receive a free report of your SEO situation, advising you free of charge on your business idea, project, or design, and web/app development.

2. increase, The Digital Marketing Agency with the highest return

increase is a digital marketing agency focused on return on investment. They say that with their MRI system, what they try to achieve is a return for their clients as soon as possible and from there, continue working on the growth of the account.

Their strategies have a very important layer of work in the analytics and conversion of the website to be able to reach the maximum return on the investment that they guarantee.

If you are looking for a safe value, this would be one of the agencies that you trust.

3. BlackBeast: Online Marketing Agency at the best price

BlackBeast is a digital marketing company that will allow you to position your brand and, best of all, it has one of the most affordable prices on the market. Among the services it offers are SEO, online advertising, web design, social media, graphic design, and Inbound Marketing.

It is made up of a multidisciplinary team of young people with great experience, who will give you a personalized treatment. Contact them for advice and guidance on the digital marketing strategies that you have to implement to obtain great benefits.

4. Routing: 360º marketing at the highest level

With Routing, you will be guaranteed the digital transformation of your project and the evolution of your startup or e-commerce from scratch. We are talking about a 360º marketing agency that works everything you need: from the feasibility study to the online marketing strategy, through naming, corporate identity, and the web development of your project.

They are experts in Lean Marketing and in optimizing all phases of the sales funnel in your strategy. They have more than seven years as an agency and more than 11 with experts who work in digital marketing. In all this time, they have maximized the profitability of more than 350 projects, billing their clients more than 80 million annually.

5. Metacom Inbound, Inbound marketing methodology by flag

Metacom Inbound's team of digital marketing consultants offers its clients comprehensive digital marketing strategies, adapting to the peculiarities of each one to propose solutions that promote growth in the digital field.

They are specialists in recruitment, conversion, and analytics services and are committed to the Inbound Marketing methodology in all their projects.

6. Darwin Social Noise: Specialist in communication strategies and brand content

The communication and advertising agencies Darwin & Co and Social Noise, both headquartered in Madrid, merged to form a new agency under the Darwin Social Noise brand.

It has a wide range of services in digital marketing among which stand out: Digital PR, creativity, Communication strategy, Brand consulting, attribution technology, digital strategy, audiovisual production, branded content, PR (digital and offline), digital production, SEO & Analytics, paid media, among others.

They offer you a follow-up throughout the entire funnel or sales funnel. From notoriety to conversion, with aesthetic and creative sensibility, but also with a business mindset. So, if you are looking for expert communication personnel to manage your brand and its campaigns, do not hesitate to contact them.

7. Praise: Specialists in Digital Commerce Marketing

Elogia is one of the first digital marketing companies in Spain that specialized in Digital Commerce Marketing, that is, it uses the online channel to sell.

This company uses digital channels to help you sell, offering you solutions that meet your expectations. It has services in all possible areas of online marketing: SEM, SEO, Display, Social Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing, among others.

So, if you want to generate traffic, capture registrations, stimulate the desire to buy, motivate a direct sale, or work on loyalty, contact them.

8. Improve your digital presence

The Agency is one of the youngest digital marketing companies that offer you digital advertising services, website positioning in search engines, social media, e-commerce, mobile marketing, and web development.

They are specialists in email marketing, dynamization of social networks, and development of 360º online projects. Its work methodology focuses on achieving greater visibility in search engines as well as achieving conversion and loyalty, reinforcing the value of the brand.

Therefore, if you are looking for a multidisciplinary team that implements actions based on a strategic vision, guaranteeing the best results, do not hesitate to contact

Digital marketing companies, web positioning at your fingertips

Do you already know which digital marketing company to contact to improve the productivity of your company on the web? If this article has been helpful for you, do not keep it, share it on your social networks so that others can read it. And tell us what you think!

If you want to continue learning about this exciting world of digital marketing or need the advice to boost your company, in Web de Marketing you can find all the information you are looking for.

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Ways to Participate survey Junkie

 Ways to Participate survey Junkie

Ways to Participate survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

When you pick to participate roughly Survey Junkie, you have many options roughly which communities you member and what instruction you part.

This page will fracture by the side of your options for sharing taking into account us as dexterously as sharing once the acknowledge researchers who value your input.

The basics

To offer a mild adherent experience based on the subject of speaking the device yous props using, ensure that your account is safe, and establish that the suggestion you share is in fact coming from you, a few things are collected all period you log in to Survey Junkie. This includes basic device and browser sponsorship, as quickly as your location. Additional hint as regards the specifics are available upon our policy page.

Your profile

To fall in surrounded by you as soon as studies that are relevant to your background and interests, Survey Junkie offers a number of profile questionnaires that you can interest out. People who have more sealed profiles will be more capably matched to survey opportunities.

Participation in each of these surveys is enormously optional, and  when all you reach following suggestion to the platform  you will be rewarded for your participation.

Sharing your opinion

The most popular mannerism most people participate upon Survey Junkie is by sharing their perspectives in surveys. When your profile meets the preliminary criteria for a particular research psychoanalysis, you will see the survey within your Survey Junkie dashboard.

When you pick to participate in a survey, the information you offer is captured unaided by the entity conducting the survey.

Your completion of the survey remains completely optional

If you happen to regard as creature you don't distressing to pure the questions asked, that okay! Simply near the survey and select something else from the Survey Junkie dashboard, if yous bearing in mind.

Please note that you will only realize the compensation listed if you successfully unqualified the survey, in view of that if you elect to refrain from a psychotherapy, you'll no longer be eligible for its reward.

Sharing your behaviors

When you choose to associate the Survey Junkie Pulse community  whether through installing the browser augmentation or opting in via the mobile app  you are joining a unique charity within the SJ community that shares digital ruckus taking into account us.

To tie in a mild adherent experience based just approximately the device you on the subject of using, ensure that your account is safe, and way of mammal that the avowal you part is really coming from you, a few things are collected all era you log in to Survey Junkie. This includes basic device and browser recommendation, as dexterously as your location.


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10 reasons to study graphic design

10 reasons to study graphic design

10 reasons to study graphic design

Graphic design is becoming increasingly popular and, in addition, is in great demand in the labor market, currently, especially in the advertising sector. If you have an artistic and creative nature; Here are some of the 10 reasons why studying graphic design can be a great opportunity for you.

1.- Varied work

There are so many organizations and companies that are always looking for new challenges, so graphic design is one of the areas that companies need the most when creating magazines, brochures, posters, web pages and business cards. So, as you can see, the work is varied and dynamic.

2.- Unleash your creativity

If you are a restless and creative mind; Undoubtedly, graphic design is a profession that opens the doors to creative expression, thus expressing ideas, messages and emotions through the image.

3.- Great demand

Despite the current economic crisis worldwide, graphic design is a highly demanded profession, since it is very difficult to imagine a business or organization that does not require, at some time, the services of a graphic designer.

4.- Work from anywhere

Freelance work is fashionable and, in the case of graphic designers, this was not going to be less, since as long as you have a good computer with you, you will be able to work from anywhere, thanks also to the great connectivity that there is today. In addition, thanks to globalization, you will even be able to find clients outside your borders.

5.- Freedom of work

As we have said, freelance work is the order of the day, so if you are a graphic designer, you will have great opportunities to work independently, thus managing your time and the possibility of expanding your client portfolio.

6.- Lower expense

When it comes to working as a graphic designer, the cost is basically going to focus on a computer and software of your choice. Keep in mind that the largest expenses, those of printing, will be borne by the client.

7.- Self-taught

In these times, in which the Internet is the largest source of information, there are numerous tutorials on the Internet, so you will not have to spend large amounts of money to learn new techniques.

8.- Ease of promotion

Now, it is not necessary to hand out your business cards manually and rely on “word of mouth” advertising, since the Internet offers you endless possibilities to promote your work and make yourself known to millions of people.

9.- Dynamic work

If your thing is not routine, without a doubt, graphic design is not, at all, a routine job and, since there are so many different channels and options, there is not much room for routine and boredom.

10.- Freedom

Perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to working is feeling free, and graphic designer is a profession that offers you the ability to manage your schedules and your workspace according to your needs. Likewise, you will also be able to work on several projects, although, yes, as long as you can meet the delivery dates that you have proposed to your clients.