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How to be a freelance graphic designer in 2021

 How to be a freelance graphic designer in 2021

How to be a freelance graphic designer in 2021

Do you approach quitting your morning job and becoming a full-era freelance graphic designer? Start putting your want in simulation. We carried out 10 steps to reach it.

Most freelancers begin out gone graphic design as a sideline, but surrounded by approach, business planning, and a sealed put-on ethic, you can construct as much issue as you sorrowful feeling to make a sustainable career.

  • Step 1: Start building a portfolio

A hermetically sealed portfolio is a must if you plot to attract clients united to insinuation to your own.

You must be selective. You should forlornly append projects and examples that are stellar examples of the type of warfare you tender to sham. (If you plot to focus behind reference to print, don't hug digital or web design.)

Use your portfolio as a masterpiece to sell your product as a result of potential clients. You'll quickly discover that the type of deed you exhibit often results in the same inquiries for future projects.

Work taking into account passion. Even unpaid projects taking into account which you have a personal relationship can be a portion of your portfolio. Sometimes these projects can conflict with your intensity of deed and high regard for the design for new poster jobs.

  • Step 2: Establish a personal brand

You must pick amid using your personal publicize or a trademark. You will need a mighty personal and professional brand to become a freelance graphic designer. 

Purchase a domain, make an email habitat, and insist on an online presence as a graphic designer.

Both options (your own declare or trademark) have advantages and disadvantages: using your pronounce or creating an abstract company proclamation is a personal option of how long you realize and assume as a freelance graphic designer.

  • Step 3: profit associated

Part of building your brand is establishing yourself as an authority on the order of the subject of all things design, bearing in mind a specific focus going on for the type of freelance undertaking you are throbbing to reach. That probably starts considering a website, as considering ease as social media and portfolio sites.

Think nearly how accumulation customers will twist their view toward you. They will likely begin amid a Google search, even for clients that come from referrals. It is important to have a basic SEO to assertiveness the push that interests you.


A mighty online presence gives you credibility as a graphic designer and makes you "real" to potential clients. You can in addition to having the funds for a intend of the right of entry. So realize not forget to append taking place a note that you are handy to hire and how they can right of entry you.

  • Step 4: Create a matter mean and goals

You must think about the period, taxes, and the result of pension and expenses. Much of the weight in the process of becoming a freelance graphic designer is not just swine creative. You must in addition to being sitting around speaking a hermetically sealed matter establishment to foster triumph.

Even if you only need to operate as a share-time freelancer combining it into a substitute job, you have to calculate and save your allowance totally adeptly.

If you lack the skills to be a full-period freelance graphic designer, you depend on a situation scheme and objectives. But you can be in this yourself.  How much do I realize I crave checking accounts to make it conflict? What are the costs of software, computers, publicity, etc.? What subsidiary facilities get your obsession (legitimate advisor, etc.)?

Create measurable goals to determine if your set sights on is operational. 

BONUS: Especially have an alternating intent if the freelance lifestyle ends occurring not what you thought.

  • Step 5: attract customers

The first clients and projects may offer more growth or show. Your priority is to get stuck in your job quickly. From meetings to reviews to discover exactly what a client needs, mark a performance process.

Overgrown olden, you'll acquire an idea of how to treat as soon as clients, how long determined projects receive, and where you can focus coarsely making the most maintenance and achieving creative fulfillment.

  • Step 6: Build and Power the Right Networks

Where does mitigation locate your potential customer? It has always been said that a fine job is the matter card to have more clients. Word of mouth in the age of networks is what continues to sell trust.

However, you must spend a period networking through social networks, movement, conferences, etc. You must have a presence in all links to your pitch.

Remember that networking takes place in person, online, and through new channels such as guest blogging, customer referrals, and attending industry-specific trials or conferences.

  • Step 7: Diversify pretense and clients

Don't spend all your time mature in motion for one client or in the region of just one type of project. It is a fine idea to create a diverse customer base.

  • Some regular customers following predictable needs

  • A couple of pleasurable projects that you can finally and have an effect on regarding

  • Some auxiliary clients or projects

  • A source of passive allowance such as the sale of kits or design tools or providing a hosting minister to clients

  • Step 8: Create a referral network

Building a referral network can operate reciprocally following new freelancers' compensation clients to you.

There will come a time subsequent to all freelance professionals being at their best. You clearly cannot endure substitute projects because you are animate or compulsive. A little pardon becomes old-fashioned. And that's fine.

Refer clients to added graphic designers you trust. Creating a referral network that you can send clients to look at your reputation can be undertaken reciprocally united to tallying freelancers to reward clients to you. Only send clients to calculation designers you trust.

Maintain contact subsequently with designers that you could send clients to. These may be others that you take steps behind regularly.

  • Step 9: Find a recess

While it's handy to have a focus on clients and projects, some freelancers can lead from specialization. Do you make a getting bond of something for which there are a mighty demand and not many people to satisfy it? Specialization could be the key.

Before launching into a recess promotion, get hold of your homework. Is there enough feign to retain your issue? Can you appear efficiently in this place? Is there a request for the product, facilitate, or design technique you are specializing in? Don't waste the era approximately speaking the subject of the pass or no longer used techniques. You must stay informed of the trends.

more study Graphic

Market niches insert:

Industry-specific content or design undertaking Use of specific techniques, such as the design of voice interfaces or precious insight

Project specialization, such as websites or print design, outdoor media, or product design

Work as soon as a specific type of client, such as small businesses in an appreciative region. For this, you must lead from local SEO.

Specialization doesn't want that you can't regulate at the zenith of the era. The puff and the customer craving a fine-sky. Stay up on the summit of your matter and industry. Evaluate your projects and clients periodically to make sure you are achieving your best.

  • Step 10: Pay yourself a salary

In the mount going on less comes the best portion. Don't forget to pay yourself! 

Separate the matter from the relative economy. Use alternating accounts, financial credit cards (greater than before debit) and retain track of anything. 

Pay yourself a salary. Hopefully, if all goes quickly, you can pay yourself an augmented sum of time. Don't make the calamity of giving yourself salary increases without power.

And above all, reach not go into debt together among suppliers. Pay upon a time.

 How to spot customers from hell

We counsel this tallying video from Marco Creativo, in which it will help you detect those clients that you are not eager in hobby along together in the middle of and you must learn to declare: NO

Not everything goes, you have to learn this. In this job, you must be selective to exploit at ease and glad.

You can be a freelance graphic designer? It is at the peak of hope, and the best event is that together in the midst of dedication and effort it is possible. You will have to deed upon it. But if freelance graphic design is what you later, you won't have a problem getting started today.

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how to make money as a Women

 how to make money as a Women

how to make money as a Women
make money

How do you earn money as a woman on the Internet? Many women ask this question regularly as they are sometimes unable to combine work outside the home and raising children. It is also a fact that despite a modern and emancipated lifestyle in the context of gender equality, women statistically spend more time at home than men and earn less. 

But that doesn't have to be a downside to eBesucher! Since at Besucher we offer all women who have free time and want to work from the living room, study or bedroom to have something extra in their pocket, the perfect opportunity for an additional income on the Internet, thanks to an easy and simple system. 

Whether you are a homemaker, student, employee, full-time mother, or pensioner, women of all ages and in any situation are welcome. Register today and earn child support as a girl re speaking the Internet!

  • How can I earn money as fast as a woman?

In this world of information, the professional world is an integral part of women's lives. Many women, however, do not want to sacrifice their private lives for work. That is why Besucher offers one of the friendliest platforms for women who want to earn quick money without spending money and learning complicated strategies. 

We are an advertising portal that has numerous advertising partners and clients who advertise for their Internet pages. Anyone who visits one of these websites as a user will receive points. With these points, you can advertise your own advertising or request a withdrawal of money. 

With the surf bar From Besucher, click ads, or the email exchange service you can earn quick money on Besucher. Online, Safe, and Legitimate - Earning money fast as a woman has never been easier!

  • Make money as a woman with the surf bar

The surf bar is a banner through which the advertising of our advertisers can be displayed automatically. Ads are generally from business or commercial websites that are looking for more exposure locally. 

The principle of the surf bar resembles that of television advertising; In other words, just as one television commercial is followed by another, in the same way, one of the advertisements that appear in the surf bar is followed by another advertisement.

The surf bar can be started in the user area across the board by clicking the DISCOVER NEW PAGES button. A new window or tab opens and then the advertiser pages are automatically displayed. In some cases, it is necessary to click the Discover button. 

Both the dashboard and the now open window or tab must remain permanently open for the surf bar to function: it is very easy and you will always find new information to discover. Each advertiser's page is rewarded with a certain amount of points (Visitor Points - BTP). 

Points earned are displayed in the surf bar and members area. Make money as a woman with surf links You can multiply your earnings in the surf bar if you use the so-called navigation links. Navigation links are individual links that you can send to friends and acquaintances that link your account to that of a new registered user. 

As soon as someone clicks the link and visits the pages, you will receive 100% credit for the points earned. Each navigation link has its own statistics, where the earnings of each link are shown and can be used by several different users at the same time. You can make endless navigation friends and invite all your links.

  • Tip: You can easily post the navigation links to a social network of your choice, allowing you to quickly navigate to many new members. Your activity on Facebook or Twitter is worth it!

Earn money as a woman with click ads

In addition to the surf bar and the e-mail exchange service, the user area offers the opportunity to earn credit (visitor points - BTP) by visiting so-called click ads. Click ads are ads that appear in your user area based on the interests you have registered in your Besucher profile.

Ads per click (Clicks) are Paid to Click (PTC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.Unlike the surf bar, the advertiser's websites must be visited manually. Pages are not automatically displayed in a scroll. 

When visiting click ads, the visitor receives significantly more points than when visiting advertising campaigns on Surfbar and often the information that can be found in those ads is more relevant to their own interests.

  • Earn money as a woman by exchanging emails

Paid advertising emails are promotional emails sent by our advertisers. For every email that comes to your email and that you read, you will receive points (MTP). You will only receive emails that match the interests of your profile and you will find out about the receipt of emails at any time in the member's area. 

Of course, your email address will not be passed on to third parties and the email will be sent by Besucher.

  • How can I get referrals and earn money fast as a woman?

Women are well known for their social skills and now, thanks to the Besucher referral system, this can finally be rewarded! But what are referrals? Referrals are users who have signed up through a Besucher member's navigation link. For each referral, the eBesĂșcher member receives a lifetime bonus on their accredited activity.

For top-level referrals (i.e. recruited directly by the linking member) the eBesucher member will receive a lifetime bonus payment in the amount of 8% on their earnings.

For second-level referrals (that is, referrals from first-level referrals), eBesucher pays a premium in the amount of 5% of this user's activity. Again, the bonus is unlimited.

This two-tier referral system pays off, as you automatically earn points when one of your referrals recruits more referrals! Referral points apply to ads on bar surf the click ads or e-mail exchange service. 

Simply put, referral promotion is worth it as it increases your income and allows you to earn money fast.

  • How much money can I earn as a woman?

The income in eBesucher is basically unlimited and can only be influenced by your use of our system and the available number of advertisements with which to interact. There is no payment limit. The profit depends mainly on the activity itself and you do not need to invest any money or work too much.

To request payment points equivalent to only $2 must be obtained. Several payments per month are possible. eBesucher has paid more than one million euros to its affiliates in recent years. The benefits of the surf bar, click ads, or receiving advertising emails can be accumulated and can be paid as a common amount!

  • Who pays my winnings?

The income of our users is obtained exclusively from the advertising income of our partners and sponsors, who actively invest with us, advertise and present their websites to new visitors. In addition, a good starting point is that you do not need to break the pig and invest your own money.

  • When do I receive my money?

All payments will be processed within 1 to 7 days. The prize can be transferred via PayPal or bank transfer (SEPA) according to the user's wishes. For each payment, the user will be provided a VAT invoice in the member's area for download.

  • I want to earn money online as a woman and I have a question!

For all questions on the subject, our support team is available by email or phone (the latter option has a variable cost depending on the region where you call us). Contact us, we will be glad to advise you personally. For basic questions, we recommend you take a look at our frequently asked questions section.

  • Make money as a woman easily

Educating and growing up with their children is an indispensable part of their lives for many women. A healthy balance between parents is a commitment for both parties to achieve their personal and professional goals. Because the Internet allows homework without much effort, it has become a very important tool in the lives of many families. 

However, the online world sometimes offers less reliable ways to earn money from home. That is why, in all cases, it is advisable to investigate thoroughly and always read the fine print.

Jobs as an aide to questionable brands, a nightclub dancer, a nude model, an online pollster, or a phone sex worker? People know that it is sometimes easy to convince women to an unreliable part-time job. 

Not with us! eBesucher offers you opportunities to make money for women in a legitimate, legal, easy, and honest way. All you need is to open an account: earning money is simple, it is not necessary to invest your own money and no prerequisites are required other than an Internet connection. 

Without a doubt, eBesucher is an excellent platform to make money without having to work too much and best of all, it is done from home.

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learn amazon affiliate marketing

 learn Amazon affiliate marketing

learn amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the strategies to monetize websites and social networks that are gaining more popularity in recent times. Do you want to know what it is and how to build a good affiliate marketing strategy? Do you want to know why Amazon is the company that captures most of this business, and how to get into it? In this Amazon affiliate guide, we offer you all the answers, and keys, so that you can start making money with your website and your social networks in a simple, and fast way.

1- What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of business relationship between a company and an advertiser that is based on the direct results of the advertising carried out. Instead of charging a certain and predetermined amount in advance (traditional advertising system), or an amount per click or impression (Google's ad system, for example), the company pays a commission if the user becomes a customer and makes the desired purchase. 

It is a safe method for the company, which loses nothing if advertising does not bring it benefits, and which can be very profitable in the case of the affiliate if they know how to develop their strategy properly.

For example, if we own a blog on any subject, and we decide to join a company that offers online courses, we will advertise on our website, and for each course that said the company sells from our links or banners, we will take a sales commission. Sounds simple? It is, as long as we know how to follow some basic rules.

2- Basic rules of affiliate marketing

The first thing you need to enter the world of affiliate marketing is to have a powerful website, blog, or social networks. If you have not yet taken this first step, it does not make sense for you to jump right into learning what affiliate marketing is. 

Build your website or leave it in the hands of professionals; Only when you have this step taken can you start working on affiliate marketing.

The second thing is to have a regular and large audience that visits your content. There is no use in having a wonderful website or blog if no one visits and reads it. The first objective once we have our website to increase the flow of visitors.

How can we get this? There are many strategies to increase the traffic of our website (SEO audit, social networks, conventional advertising, collaborations. and if you want to grow in the field of affiliation you will have to know and use them all.

However, many visitors will not automatically earn you money from affiliate marketing. It is not enough to have many visitors, you have to have quality visitors, interested in what you have, and above all that they have placed their trust in you. 

The second step after getting an audience is to strengthen that audience, to get them to stay, to believe in you, to follow you, to trust that the products you are talking about are what they are looking for. 

This is possibly the most difficult step since it does not depend so much on metrics, and the use of tools as on your ability to seduce and keep an audience hooked with the material you publish. The key here, as for so many other things, is content. 

If you publish quality content on a regular basis, if what you offer generates value for the user, you will earn their trust and the visitor will return. 

If your content is misleading or does not contribute anything, you will lose the trust that the visitor places in you. Remember that in the 21st century time is one of our most important assets. Nobody likes to lose it by reading useless content.

We already have a blog or website, we have visitors, and we have an audience that trusts us. Then, can we get started with our affiliate marketing strategy? It is time for you to choose which company you are going to work with, what type of advertising you are going to choose, how you are going to integrate it into your blog. The success of your campaign and the amount of money you get to earn with it will depend on these choices.

One last tip before launching into the Amazon affiliate system. Don't abuse affiliate marketing. If your audience discovers that your only interest is to sell products at all costs, you will lose their trust. Be careful, be selective, and above all, don't be too pushy.

Remember that we live in a world where advertising is a plague, and we all are prepared to run away from an invasive salesperson who offers us nothing but an endless list of products to buy. 

Take care of your audience, and they will reward you. Treat your audience like a mere pawn in the market, and they will turn their back on you.

3- How does Amazon affiliate marketing work?

How Amazon affiliate marketing works is very simple. A user comes to your website, discovers that you are talking about a specific product, feels interested, and clicks on one of the links or banners that you have arranged for it.

If the user finally becomes an Amazon customer and buys the product you are promoting, Amazon will deposit a percentage of the said sale in the bank account that you have previously indicated.

Is it necessary for the user to buy the product that I am promoting? No, it is not. The action of clicking on the link that you have embedded in your website generates a cookie in the user that will make all purchases made on Amazon up to a maximum of 24 hours later to generate profits.

It does not have to be the product you are promoting nor does it have to be at the exact moment you click on the link. All sales (with some exceptions) that the user makes in the 24 hours after clicking on the link will generate a profit percentage.

What percentage of profit do I get for each sale? The percentage depends on the country from which you are operating and the type of product that the customer buys. The percentages that are applied in Amazon Spain for the most common products are the following:

  • IT, TV, Audio, Video, Mobile and telephony, Electronics and Videogames 3.5%

  • Cinema and series, Music, Musical Instruments, Kitchen and DIY 5%

  • Books, Electronic books, Toys and Games, Sports, Health, Stationery, Baby, Home, Garden, Car, and motorcycle, Pets 7%

  • Clothes (except underwear and nightwear), Shoes, Jewelry, Watches 10%

  •  Products that do not fit into these categories 3%

As you can see, it is not a very large percentage, especially in some categories, but we assure you that it is the same or more than what other affiliate platforms offer, with the difference that on Amazon you enjoy a series of advantages that we will see below.

Some time ago Amazon applied a limit to the profits you could obtain per product promoted and sold, but this must have angered most of the affiliates so much that they decided to remove it, so now the percentage is applied directly to the price of the product.

Of course, keep in mind that your earnings are calculated on the price without VAT, so do not be surprised if you see that you receive less money than you had calculated. You must apply the percentage to the price after deducting taxes.

These rates can be modified by Amazon at any time, and although in theory, they have the obligation to notify affiliates in advance of any change of this type, the truth is that Amazon's communication policy in this regard is quite deficient.

The notices are usually camouflaged in cumbersome emails with the very small print in which it is easy to get lost and with which the temptation to send them to the trash before reading them completely is great. 

Therefore, remember to be attentive to these fluctuations if you want to keep an authentic control of your affiliate campaigns and the income you generate from the products you promote.

What happens if the buyer carries out the action from outside the United State? This is one of the main problems that great affiliate marketers have encountered with the Amazon system. 

This company has various platforms, both to sell its products and to manage the work of its affiliates. There is Amazon Spain, Amazon United States, Amazon France, Amazon Japan.

The usual thing is that if your website is written in English and focused on the USA market, most of your visits come from this country, so clicks to your links and the sales they get will also come from English territory. 

But what happens if a reader from Chile or Colombia comes to my website, clicks on one of my affiliate links, and buys a product? Well, that sale simply will not generate any income.

There are several tricks to circumvent this system, but they already present a certain complexity, so we do not recommend them until you are very familiar with the work of Amazon affiliate marketing. 

The best thing to start with is that you focus on the market niche of your country and that you try to optimize the number of visits, clicks, and sales you make on Amazon Spain. 

Once you have passed this first phase and you feel comfortable in the world of affiliate marketing, you can put into play the tricks that we talked about.

3- Why choose Amazon?

Since it was born in 1994, by its creator, Jeff Bezos, Amazon has become the largest retailer in the world. What began as an online bookstore, has become a monster of the markets with the capacity to reach billions of customers around the world, generating sales revenue that grows every year and becoming a business model that has transformed the way you buy products. 

Amazon quickly stopped focusing exclusively on books. Jeff Bezos always wanted to increase the business to new products. To this day, they continue to expand their networks, so that a customer in any part of the world can purchase almost any product and have it at home in a more than a reasonable time, and at a very competitive price. 

Amazon has become synonymous with success, and although its business practices have been the subject of much criticism, its growth appears to continue to increase in the short and medium-term.

The Amazon affiliate marketing system allows you to enter this business and take a small (yes, very small) part of the profit that each sale generates. Who wouldn't want to get some crumbs from this great cake?

The reasons for choosing Amazon over other affiliate systems are many, but they can be summed up in one. Amazon is bigger, stronger, and more trustworthy than the rest. Amazon is bigger, and that will allow you to choose from a wide range of products to promote. 

Amazon is stronger, and that gives you the guarantee that it will not go bankrupt or disappear in the short or medium term, leaving you and all your efforts hanging. 

Amazon builds trust, and that means that customers shop without hesitation or fear. Amazon sells more and sells better, and that is something that you, as a potential part of your business, suits you.

Amazon or eBay? This is one of the doubts of the great that assail all those who want to start in the world of affiliate marketing. eBay is one of the main portals for the sale, and auction of second-hand objects, and its market potential is as great as Amazon's. 

Before Amazon eliminated its maximum commission limit for selling a product (which was a disappointing 10 euros), eBay had a great advantage that it did not impose these limits. That is to say if you got a sale of a very expensive product you pocketed a very succulent commission, while on Amazon you were stuck at the miserable barrier of 10 euros. 

This was one of the reasons why some users chose eBay over Amazon, and it is very likely that this was what motivated Jeff Bezos's company to decide to eliminate the maximum commission cap. Once the barrier is removed, the main reason for choosing eBay over Amazon has disappeared, and now there are very few advantages of the first over the second.

What are the advantages of eBay? Not many. It is true that it has slightly higher commissions, but since the products are cheaper, the money that finally flows to your account is the same or maybe less. 

The reality is that eBay does not enjoy the trust that Amazon has gained around the world, and that leads many customers to hesitate before buying a product. Ultimately, from our point of view, Amazon beats eBay easily on affiliate marketing.

You may still have doubts after everything we have said, and it is normal. The offer of affiliate platforms are not only very large, but it grows every day, and the network abounds with pages, many of them promoted, that will try to convince you to opt for other platforms other than Amazon. The final decision is yours.

Also, note that you do not have to focus exclusively on the Amazon affiliate system as a means of monetizing your website. Even if you bet on Amazon decisively, you can combine it with other affiliate platforms that suit you in each specific case. 

The best thing you can do is to test, be constant, monitor, and analyze processes and results, and stay with the system that interests you the most.

5- How to start. First Steps on Amazon Affiliate Marketing


The first thing you need to do is create an Amazon account as a buyer. It is very likely that you already have it (who in the 21st century has not bought anything on Amazon), but if you are one of the few people who have not yet used Amazon services, ask yourself a couple of questions before continuing. 

Why do you want to work with a platform that you have never used? Why do you want to get into an adventure with a company you don't know anything about?

If you have never bought from Amazon before, we recommend that before continuing to advance in affiliate marketing, you spend some time learning about the experience as a buyer. 

Get to know the catalog as thoroughly as possible, take time to read the descriptions of the products that you will later want to link to, observe the prices, stop to analyze the shipping times. Read the opinions of customers who have already purchased it.

Make a couple of orders, value the experience. Consider even making a return and find out about their conditions.

Once you've experienced what it's like to be an Amazon buyer, you'll be much better prepared to embark on the affiliate marketing management process. Wait, you'll think, this is a waste of time and no other affiliate guide I've read on the net recommends that I do it.

Why not jump right into the action and start putting links on my website? Why delay the time to earn money? Very simple if you have not had the experience as a buyer, you will hardly be able to advise others who want to be. 

You can, of course, but the data, and opinions you offer will be partial, unfounded, and sometimes false. Ultimately, you will not be generating trust in your audience, and in the long run, this will punish you. 

Believe us when we say that it is worth spending some time getting to know the buyer experience in this first step. This time will affect your income in the long-term.

Are you already a regular Amazon buyer and do you know exactly what this experience means? Then you can skip this step and directly create your affiliate account.

  • STEP 2 OPEN Affiliate account

Once we have our Amazon buyer account, we can enter the affiliate program. Be careful, we do not want to create an Amazon seller account that is a completely different matter with totally different objectives. We don't want to sell anything, what we want is to promote what others sell.

Log into your Amazon buyer account and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the link, "Affiliate Program” and you will access the process of creating your account. 

It is a slightly longer process than creating a buyer account, but it will take at most fifteen minutes to complete. Follow the steps indicated by the platform and provide all the information that is requested.

Especially important is the part called a profile of your web site before signing up as an affiliate permanently, Amazon will analyze the web page from which you want to promote its products and will verify that the data you have provided is true. 

You will have to include the name of your website, the main URL, the theme, and the type of products you want to promote. 

This last information is merely indicative, and will in no way limit you to later promote other products other than the ones you mark now.

You will also have to say how many visits your website has in a month. We recommend that you be sincere. We know of websites that with less than a hundred visits per month has passed the Amazon filter without problems. 

But if you lie and Amazon finds out (and expects that they can easily find out) it may decide to penalize you and deny you the use of the affiliate program. Be honest, you have nothing to lose.

What happens if I intend to work my affiliate program from several web pages with different URLs? Nothing at all. You don't have to create multiple affiliate accounts. 

You just have to include all the websites that you are going to use in this step of the questionnaire. If in a while you want to use new web pages you can add them without problems.

When you have completed all the information in this section, you will have to fill in a CAPTCHA and press finish. You will immediately receive an email in the email account you have provided, with a link to confirm your identity and continue with the process. 

If you click on the link, it will take you to a new screen where you can choose the payment method with which you want Amazon to pay you your succulent and millionaire commissions.

What payment methods does Amazon have Amazon Spain for its affiliates? To date there are three systems:

  •  An Amazon gift voucher that you can only spend on the platform itself

  •  A deposit in the bank account you indicate

  • A bank check

If you choose to charge by bank check, you will only charge your commissions when you have accumulated a minimum of 50$. If you opt for either of the other two payment systems, the accumulated minimum will be 25 $. 

Choose the one that best suits your needs and fill in the details carefully. We advise you to be very careful when filling in the bank account information since any mistake could lead to your precious and worked money ending up in an account that is not yours.

Once you have finished this process, Amazon will take some time to give you an answer. The time will depend on the time and day of the week when you started the process, but under normal conditions, it should not take more than a few hours. 

It is time it takes Amazon to check your website and verify that all the information you have provided is in order. Once you have done it, you will receive a confirmation email. and that's it! You are now part of the Amazon affiliate community.


The next step is to place the necessary links on your website for your readers to click on them and make their purchases on Amazon. 

The how, where, and how many links to put on your website is the most complex part of affiliate marketing, and only a careful reading of the experience of other affiliates and your own analysis of the results will allow you to optimize the process.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is there are several types of affiliate links, with very different results and strategies:

Amazon banner links. It consists of placing a more or less large banner somewhere on your website. The Amazon affiliate platform is very simple and intuitive in this task.

You just have to choose the type of banner you want to insert and copy the code provided to you on your website. 

There are general banners that link to the Amazon landing page, banners for broad product groups (books, movies, televisions, and product links.

 As we point out elsewhere in this guide, banner links typically don't perform well. They are too obvious an advertisement, and in a world in which we are saturated with information of this type, very few readers are going to click on a link of these characteristics. 

Who clicks on a link that takes you to the general Amazon page? Stop and think about your own user experience. 

Would you click on one of these links? Only product banners, located in very specific places and contexts, can work and give some performance. 

But even these show very low sales. The problem can go further: the appearance of a banner can put the user on alert, and discourage him from clicking on other more productive links. In short, we strongly discourage you from using banners within your affiliate strategy. 

The appearance of a banner can alert the user and discourage him from clicking on other more productive links. In short, we strongly discourage you from using banners within your affiliate strategy. 

The appearance of a banner can alert the user and discourage him from clicking on other more productive links. In short, we strongly discourage you from using banners within your affiliate strategy.

  • Text links. Text links work best in an affiliate marketing strategy with Amazon. They are discreet and always give the user the feeling that he has decided to take the step of starting the purchase process. For these reasons, they are the most chosen by Amazon affiliates.

  • Text links with images. In this type of link, we find the name of the product, its price, and a small photograph. Unlike banners, they are discreet enough, so that the user does not run away from them, in addition to offering specific information that can be decisive in encouraging the reader to become a buyer.

Where should we place the links? There is no definitive answer to this question. Each affiliate has his techniques, depending on whether they are looking for a more or less aggressive style in their strategy.

What you must be clear about is that filling the text with links is not going to help the reader click on them more frequently, and of course, it will not increase the number of sales you achieve.

A strategy that usually gives good results is to alternate the discreet links (for example, put a link when the name of the product is cited in the text) with other more obvious ones (if you want to buy this vacuum cleaner at a great price, click here).

The links must appear at the beginning of the content and at the end so that the reader can access them at any time during the reading. But remember don’t abuse them.

  • Promote only what you yourself would consume. Be sincere. Sometimes it is even interesting to talk about products that you consider the low quality and make devastating reviews of them. 

  • It is clear that you will not sell anything of this product, but your audience will appreciate your sincerity and you will pay the way so that when a positive review arrives, they believe in you and start buying the product. If you permanently sell each product as the panacea that every customer wishes they had, people will stop believing in you.

  •  Bet on natural links. The banners may seem very striking and colorful to you. You may even think that they add something to the design of your page.


  • Not surprisingly, Amazon spends a great deal of money and effort in designing attractive banners for affiliates to put on their websites. But let's be serious, who clicks on a generic banner today? Would you waste a time clicking on a banner that said “the best books of the year” or the best deals on music”? No, you wouldn't. 

  • Because both you and all of us are immune to these kinds of calls to action. It is proven that the system that works best in affiliate marketing is text links. They can be less obvious, and strategically placed in the middle of the content, or they can be totally explicit, such as “if you are interested in this product, click here.” In both cases, they work much better than banners.

  •  If you use banners, at least they are for specific products. These banners that direct to a certain product have a higher performance than generic banners. You can place it at the end of the text or in a prominent place.


  • You can even choose banners of related products, always making it clear that it is not the product you are talking about but that it has similar characteristics. Even so, our advice is clear: avoid banners whenever you can.

Photos are great places to put affiliate links. It may not be the cleanest strategy in the world, and there are those who may consider it unethical, but the truth is that this strategy does not cause any damage, and your income can be increased exponentially. 

If you put an affiliate link in the photographs of an article and get the reader to click on them you will have planted the much-desired cookie and all purchases made by that user in the next 24 hours will generate a commission.

You can be honest and put a small text next to the photograph indicating that if you click on it, it will take you to Amazon to buy the product (or simply to consult more information about it) or be a little more cheat and not indicate nothing of this. 

If you opt for the latter, we recommend that you use small images that invite the reader to click on them to enlarge them. Naturally, the image will not be enlarged, but you will already have the affiliate cookie in the place you wanted. 

If you use very large images, the reader will simply look at them with more or less indifference, but will never click on them, this we are looking for after all.

Be careful if you promote Kindle ebooks that are free. Promote free ebooks? It seems like an absurd idea! It is not at all. These transactions do not provide you direct income, but they can be interesting since they offer a free product to your users and help you increase your value before them. 

You can be sure that the visitor to whom you recommend a free product today will return tomorrow in search of more, exponentially increasing your website traffic and in the medium, and long-term its possibilities of monetization. 

For Amazon, however, these sales are not interesting, so if it detects there are many free book downloads

from your links, it can block all your earnings for the current month or even delete your affiliate account.

Expensive products or cheap products? If we use logic we will conclude that it is better to focus our

affiliate marketing strategy with Amazon on expensive products, since these will give us a higher commission

percentages than cheaper products. 

In principle this is true, and there are many affiliates who base their philosophy and strategy on this premise.

However, it would be a mistake to look down on cheap products simply because they yield a smaller


Cheap products, precisely because they are very affordable, are sold more easily than expensive ones, and

in greater numbers. If you know how to manage it well, it is possible to earn interesting commissions

with products that a priori do not seem to be going to bring you many dividends.