How to Make Line Follower Robot

         How to Make Line Follower Robot

How to Make Line Follower Robot


The IR line trailing detector consists of analog to digital and comparator module and TCRT5000 IR detector flight Board. The IR light-weight emitted by the junction rectifier strikes the surface and is mirrored back to the IR photodiode. 

The photodiode then offers Associate in Nursing output voltage proportional to the reflectivity of the surface (high price for light-weight surface and low for black/dark surface).

This line follower mechanism ar pretty clear-cut. These robots have the potential to find a black/dark line on a lighter surface looking on the distinction. They estimate whether or not the road beneath them is shifting towards their left/right as they move them. 

supported that estimation, they offer individual signals to the motors to show left/right thus on maintain a gradual center with reference to the road.

These robots typically use Associate in Nursing array of IR (Infrared) sensors so as to calculate the reflectivity of the surface at a lower place them. the fundamental criteria being that the black line can have a lesser reflectivity price (black absorbs light) than the lighter surface around it. 

This low price of reflectivity is that the parameter wont to find the position of the road by the mechanism. the upper price of reflectivity are going to be the surface round the line. thus during this linear array of IR sensors, if the leftmost/rightmost IR detector presents the low price for reflectivity, then the black line is towards the left/right of the mechanism correspondingly. 

The controller then compensates for this by signal the motor to travel within the wrong way of the road.

Step 1: Material Planning:

For this tutorial, we tend to needs these items:
1. Arduino UNO
2. twoWD sensible automotive Chasis 2 Wheels
3. Arduino mini DC Motor Driver twin H-Bridge PW management (L293D)
4. IR Line trailing detector (4 bits)
5. Battery
6. Double aspect tape
7. Wires
8. Jumper wire
9. Black tape

Step 2: Hardware Installation: 

1. Assemble the twoWD sensible automotive Chasis 2 Wheels
2. Connect the IR detector to Analog to Digital and Comparator Module
IN1 > IR detector one
IN2 > IR detector two
IN3 > IR detector three
IN4 > IR detector four
3. Then, connect the output pin to Arduino UNO analog pin
OUT1 > A2
OUT2 > A3
OUT3 > A4
OUT4 > A5
4. Connect Vin to 5V and GND to GND in Arduino UNO
5. Then, connect the motor driver pin to Arduino UNO pin
IN1 > D10
IN2 > D9
IN3 > D6
IN4 > D5
6. Connect the each motor to motor driver
Motor A > Right motor
Motor B > Left motor

After finishing the association, connect the Arduino to power provide with USB cable.

Step 3: Insert Source Code:

Step 3: Insert supply Code:

1. transfer the take a look at code and open it by victimization Arduino computer code or IDE.
2. check that that you simply have opt for the proper board and therefore the corresponding port. (In this tutorial, Arduino Uno is used)
3. Then, transfer the take a look at code into your Arduino Uno.

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