SEO conversion rate optimization best practices

SEO conversion rate optimization best practices

seo conversion Optimization

Conversion rate is just as important for SEO as it is for any business site. However, conversion is not SEO. In fact, it is not the end of a visitor's long or short journey to a website. Because, these visitors can come to your website again and take part in the new journey of your business.

Every business owner, marketing company and everyone involved has a common question. And that is, how many leads of my organic traffic should be converted? Hidden inside this question is the introverted success of an online business. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to know the basics of conversion rate.

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What is the conversion rate?

Let us understand the conversion rate through an example. Now it's winter, let's say you buy a geyser. After visiting five showrooms, you chose a geyser, you bought it. So sold to you but only a showroom. You turned around and saw four more showrooms. Potential buyers come to each such showroom, but do not buy.

The number of potential buyers who came throughout the day, and the number of products purchased, is called the conversion rate. CVR in English. It's a simple calculation, offline calculation.

Online conversion

There are now millions, not thousands, of websites online. The purpose of all of them is not to sell products. Someone may have opened a website to increase the subscribers of his magazine. Another for his school campaign. 

Any charity might be looking for volunteers, a form that can be accomplished through filing. So there is no sell-discount option, so how to determine the conversion rate?

Very simple method. You can verify your conversion rate by calculating the exact number of visitors to the purpose for which you opened the website. For example, how many visitors filled out a charity form online? Or exactly how many visitors subscribed to the magazine.

In a word, the conversion rate is a measure of what percentage of the total visitors are meeting the main purpose of the website. And, those visitors who are fulfilling the main purpose of the website are called converted visitors. 

A converted visitor who fills out the form as a volunteer, a magazine visitor is also a converted visitor.

The method of finding out the conversion rate is very simple. Total visitors need to be divided by converted visitors. For example, if the total number of visitors is 100, and the number of converted visitors is 10, then 100 ÷ 10 = 10, that is, the conversion rate is 10%.

A / B Test

In simple words, AB test is a method of verifying why the conversion rate is not increasing, what will be done if it is increased. In this case, except for two versions of the same webpage or apps, it is noticed which version is getting more converted visitors. Again, the response of the visitors is verified by making various changes and modifications in each version. In short, this is called A / B test.

SEO Conversion Optimization

In English it is called CRO. There are two main parts to conversion rate optimizing. In the first part, the offer is basically re-evaluated. We have to provide more offers that will attract customers. The second part looks at the problems of the webpage. 

For example, if five subscribe buttons are placed on the same page, the visitor will be annoyed. Again if the button is so small that it cannot be seen, the visitor will not be interested in going to the next step. The content of the page should be interesting which will arouse the reader.

Conversion rate vs. bounce rate

The bounce rate is the opposite of the conversion rate. In very academic terms, the bounce rate is the one that gives the website indicator only one action signal per visit. Didn't understand, of course, no problem; I am leaving the academic language and explaining in my own language.

When a visitor enters a website and leaves without doing anything else, it is called a bounce. That is, they entered and left, and nothing else. So if you divide the total visitors by how many bounced, the bounce rate comes out.

Now the question is, is the high bounce rate harmful? It basically depends on the type of website. If the site is an AdSense website, or an e-commerce site, where the visitor leaves the home page, the site does not benefit, then the higher bounce rate is certainly harmful. 

On the other hand, if the site is informative, such as a blog site, where the necessary information is usually provided on the homepage, the high bounce rate is not harmful.


Many people confuse conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization. Two separate but interconnected issues. SEO is done to increase the visitors of the site. And the conversion is optimized to increase the number of converted visitors from the incoming visitors.

In other words, the purpose of SEO is to come to the first page of Google in search results, to bring as much traffic as possible from there. And the goal of conversion rate optimization is to make incoming visitors interested in receiving their products / services.

You made a good e-commerce site for online business, Dhamaka gave all the offers. But there are no visitors, so everything is hard work. Bhuri Bhuri brought visitors through SEO again, they came and saw that these are all bogus offers. 

There is nothing to buy from the site. If the price is high, the quality is not good or the delivery system is useless, then there is no profit in putting a lot of money behind SEO. Visitors will come and go. The profit margin will be so much that the higher the bounce rate, the more you will have to take a penalty from Google and leave the first page, even the last page.

So it means that one is useless without the other. So, it takes both. SEO will bring traffic. And to achieve the desired goal from all that traffic, the conversion rate has to be optimized. But where? There are many dedicated sites online that provide CRO services.

In short I have tried to give a basic and overall idea about the conversion rate. I hope I have explained the matter to you, thank you for being with me.

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