How to make money from AutoCAD

How to make money from AutoCAD?

Cad Design
Cad design 

After learning AutoCAD, the next thought is, how to make money from AutoCAD! Currently, the demand for AutoCAD is good enough. You just have to be more discriminating considering the past going on you render toward appendage people

In addition to jobs, you can earn money in various ways through AutoCAD. There is an opportunity to earn at home. Even if you work in AutoCAD, you can get a very good salary.

In today's article, I will discuss many ways to earn income from AutoCAD. As a result, it will be easier for you to choose the right income path. There are several things you can do together.
Now, without further ado, let's move on to the main discussion. And if you are new and want to learn AutoCAD, check out the Top 10 AutoCAD Learning Websites.

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1. Website

There are many ways to earn money from a website or your own blog. If you have learned AutoCAD, then the website is the easiest and biggest source of your income. Websites are not just income; Rather it will serve as a portfolio for you.

Keep uploading your projects and work on the website. Mention your skills. Mention the value of each of your work and the means of communication. If you have good SEO and visitors to the website, you can earn a very good income from here.

2. Freelancing

When you have a website, it means that you are 50% qualified to do freelancing. There are many marketplaces online if you want, you can work there. Some of the popular freelancing marketplaces are:
  • Upwork
  •  Peopleperhour
  •  Freelancer
  •  Guru
  •  99designs
  •  Fiverr
When people post for work in the above-mentioned market-places, you have to bid there. However, on Fiverr, you have to post for work and whoever needs it will hire you. Also, there is a design contest at 99designs. 

That is, job descriptions are posted here and people submit their designs here. You can also earn by submitting designs here.

3. Training

If you have good teaching skills, you can teach AutoCAD to others. And you can also give this training online. As a result, you may not need much capital at first. Also, you can upload it in CD or course format at once.

Currently, many people are earning money by uploading course videos on YouTube. When you have good quality capital, you can take classes offline. On the other hand, you can join AutoCAD as an instructor in consultation with organizations that teach AutoCAD.

4. Selling the project

A big advantage of AutoCAD is that AutoCAD projects can be sold. You can sell different types of designs online by checking the market demand. You can do this by posting and boosting on Facebook. Also, there are several websites where designs can be sold. Such as:
You will submit your design to the above-mentioned websites. If people buy your design from this website you will get paid. From this website, you will get ideas about trending and human needs.

5. Advertise your own work

You can work if you don't tell people how to get a job! For this, you have to show-off your work. In that case, you can advertise on social media.

You can show your work samples in different design firms. Many times these design firms have the opportunity to work part-time in addition to full-time.

I can follow different digital marketing strategies. If you want, you can do these 5 digital marketing courses for free. This is the way most people are doing today. However, in this case, there are many problems with the payment.

6.Own office

You can earn money from AutoCAD by opening your own office. This will make it easier to find work in the local market as well as abroad. People will create a place of trust.

Market early on about your office. Tell people about your work and office. If the quality of your work is good, you will get work from the same person in the future.


The last thing I want to talk about is employment. It can be called a common and popular medium. For those who do not want to do the above hardships and want safe action, employment can be a good medium.

However, keep in mind that job independence and income are a bit low. You can keep an eye on the following websites to find a job. Such as:
  • Indeed 
  • Linkedin 
Last word

AutoCAD is a creative profession. Being a creative profession, this work is constantly changing. So, increase your skill regularly and follow the trending designs and earn money from AutoCAD.
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