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freelance writing jobs

freelance writing jobs

Not surprisingly, the title can be overwhelming; It should be. Because, in the real sense, only by writing articles, it is such a big sum again, it is conceivable! No, not only can it be thought, it can be done; Many are doing. Why not you

Article writing job
Article writing 

Because, you may not know that you can earn money by writing articles, why only 50 thousand, it is possible to earn millions of rupees. Or you may know, but not made. Or how to start article writing, and where to start, there are doubts. Yes! If he had known before, he would have been able to overcome all doubts and limitations by now and now he would have earned more than Rs 50,000 per month. How? Keep reading

Income by writing articles

Here I will introduce you to some of the websites that charge the author  25$ to  100$  per article, i.e. Rs 2,000 to Rs 40,000. There are sites where you can get 500 dollars or 35 thousand rupees just by writing an article. Although it may be possible for you to write an article every day, I assume that it will take you 2 days to write an article. That's why you will write 15 articles a month. And not 25 to 500 dollars, I assume you will get only 50 dollars on average. Calculate how much is 15 X 50 dollars. Got it, didn't you? 750, right?

Since the price of the dollar usually fluctuates from 72 to about 75, we take the average price of 75 rupees per dollar, what do you say? So, how much is 650? 56, 250 rupees which I have called 50 thousand in the title of the article. Wrong?

To find out how to earn money by writing articles, read the article carefully at the end and go to each website to know more details and check if they really pay so much money. To dispel your doubts, I have marked the honor of writing each article with a screenshot in red.

Site Name - College Humor: Hours - 35$ to 50$

College Humor is an online portal from College Humor Media, a well-known entertainment company in New York City, USA. The portal was launched in 1999 by two college friends. The main content of the portal includes the fun of college life, videos, pictures, lifestyle, etc.

Here one pays  35$ for a small article on one page, about Rs. 2625 and Rs. 50 for a large article of more than one page, about Rs. 3650.

What to write:

Anything that has humor at its core.

 Humor about college is good.

 It could be a joke.

 Maybe a funny video article.

 Lifestyle humor.

 May be technology humor.

How to write-

Open a college humor account.

 Go to the article submission page.

Write any interesting article and click on submit button

Wait until you get clearance from the editing table

 If your article is nominated in the editing table, they will confirm it by sending you an e-mail.

Site Name - Wow Women: Honors - 50$ to 75$

One of the great things about Wow Women is that they dominate women, promote them, and encourage them to write. This does not mean that men cannot write, they are also allowed to write. However, the content of the writing should be for women.

The main purpose of Wow Women is to make women experts in writing, so most of their articles are about writing. This site is basically a factory for making writers. At the beginning of writing here, you are paid 50 dollars or 3650 rupees for each writing and later you are paid 75 dollars or 5825 rupees.

What to write-

 matters related to women's livelihood.

 Things that are useful in women's daily lives.

Matters that are useful for women's intellect and thinking.

Matters that are helpful to women in family, social, and business.

Things that encourage women to write, make them proficient.

How to write-

Make sure the topic you want to write about is not published here before. If the article on the same topic has already been published, the chances of your article being published will be greatly reduced. How to understand, whether it has already been written? Search their site by entering keywords for your assigned topic. How to do? Suppose, your topic, ‘home business idea for women’, then type this line in the search box and press enter. If there is any writing on this topic, it will show you. If not here's an auxiliary product just for you!

Make sure your text is between 1500 and 3000 words. That is, do not write less than 1500 words, again not more than 3000 words.

Make sure your writing is useful to readers. Suppose you are writing an event in your own life, no problem. But if there is nothing to learn from that incident, then the problem. So, whatever you write, keep in mind, what will be useful for those who read it.

Site Name - Work Online Blog: Honors - 50$

Work Online Blog is a sister concern of Gadgitech Ltd, one of the most established companies in London. Work Online Blog is a suitable site for writers, preliners, bloggers, and those working with online careers and online businesses. If you write an article of at least 1500 words in this blog, you will be paid 50$ for each article. In our money which is about 3625 rupees.

What to write-

Something that is useful for starting a business or expanding a running business.

Listing type articles are the best. For example, ‘20 new business ideas ’or ‘20 mistakes that are detrimental to the business.

You can write a business technique for sharing articles or business advice articles.

 If you can write a little different writing, you will have the opportunity to write regularly here.

How to write-

 First, you need to fill in an application form, where you have to give some information including your name, e-mail address for communication, what you want to write - general text or listing or something else.

 This form has the title of the writing, the main body, and everything. Take a look by clicking the button below.

Site Name - List Version: Honorary - 100$

List Verse is one of the top listing sites in the United States. If you publish a listing article here, you will get 100 dollars. About 7,500 rupees.

You do not have to be an expert to write here. You need to be fairly good in English, have a sense of humor, and have a passion for things that aren't normal.

What to write-

 Can write general knowledge, can be any subject.

Can write about strange, unusual, unwanted, crazy things. These are the main issues here.

You can write about art-literature, music, TV-movie or game.

 I can write about food, health, sports, and travel.

You can even write about science.

How to write-

Go to this link and give whatever information you want.

You must write about 10 topics in the listing. Suppose you want to write that all superstitions have been going on since time immemorial, on such a subject. So write - 10 superstitions that have been going on since ancient times.

Give the writing an interesting title, and write a nice introduction, then go to the list.

 The writing must be your own. Can't copy-paste from anywhere.

The most important thing is, you have to have a PayPal account in advance to take payment to write here. If not, you can't apply.

Not only this site, but almost all the websites also have payment options. If you do not have a Pay-Pal account, you will not be able to write on many sites. What to do then? There is a way, you will know slowly. Stay with us, bookmark our site, it will work.

Let the 1st part of this article about the way to earn money by writing an article stay here. In the next episode, you will find the addresses of many more important sites in which by writing you will undoubtedly earn at least 50 thousand rupees per month. If you prepare yourself perfectly and take it as your profession, then you can earn not 50 thousand, but much more than that. How? Stay with us, with Tech Trainee. Gradually everything will be presented in front of you.

And don't forget to share this article. If the people around you start trying, it will be to your advantage. You can share ideas, you can collaborate with each other.
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