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How to learn WordPress theme development.

 How to learn WordPress theme development.

How to learn WordPress theme development.

How to become a WordPress developer? Since WordPress is the most popular content management system, there will always be users looking for developers to improve their websites. By becoming a WordPress developer, you can monetize your work or share your knowledge for free.

Either way, it's essential to understand the fundamentals of the job first. So in this tutorial, we explain everything you need to know to become a WordPress developer.

What can be created and developed?

1. Topics

2. Plugins

3. Widgets

4. Complete WordPress websites

5. Web applications through the Rest API

What do you need to know as an advanced WordPress developer?

  • HTML (preferably HTML5)

  • CSS (preferably CSS3)

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • AJAX

Share your work for free through WordPress repositories

Monetize your work by finding clients

Management of contracts and invoices

Counting taxes and income.

What can be created and developed?

Modifying WordPress involves writing a separate code that interacts with the core WordPress code. If you make a mistake, the core code won't change, so, you can experiment as much as you like without having to reinstall the WordPress software.

A developer can change the appearance of the site, modify the main behavior, modify the admin panels, or create a completely new user profile page.

These are the top five creations of a WordPress developer:

1. Topics

Simply put, themes define the design and style of a WordPress website. You are responsible for the overall appearance of the site An Advance WordPress theme development is the combination of multiple elements, including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery.

With over 31,000 options available, there is still room to display your creation, as it is in high demand. Also, creating a free WordPress repository theme can be a great way to raise your name as a developer. 

Now You are creating a responsive WordPress theme is the trend among developers. With the fluidity of grid systems, the use of images, and CSS media queries, responsive-theme WordPress sites look good on any device, including mobile phones, tablets, monitors, or large screens. 

You can create themes from scratch or use starter themes like Ocean WP, Dive, and Astral. They are basically "blank canvases'' or themes with design minimums and basic elements that you can improvise and develop.

2. Plugins

Right now, there are over 54,000 plugins in the WordPress directory. It is the most searched and used WordPress function. Take advantage of this advantage and contribute to the sea of plugins yourself. Plugins allow you to modify WordPress behavior without touching the core code. 

Users can also add tons of additional features to their website with little to no advanced programming knowledge. PHP hooks are used a lot to create a plugin. It is the technique that allows an application to execute a function or class automatically. 

They are two types of hooks: action and filter. You must master both to be a WordPress developer and create a plugin so it works.

While many popular plugins, such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, or Google Analytics Dashboard, are made with complicated programming and hooks, there are tons of simple WordPress plugins that are very useful, such as Search & Filter and Easy Google Fonts.

3. Widgets.

Widgets are web components that are generally added to websites to provide additional content and functionality. They can be used to access certain pages or parts of a website and provide a quick getaway for a particular function. 

WordPress comes with default widgets that can be arranged through the dashboard by clicking appearance Sgt; widgets. You can also get third party widgets by installing plugins, like Simple Page Sidebars or Ninja Forms. Just like creating a plugin, making widgets for WordPress requires sufficient knowledge of PHP. 

You can start by accessing the functions.php file in your current theme, then creating the widget using the combinations of functions provided in the WP Widget class. 

A custom widget is usually the solution to create the desired function that you cannot find anywhere. This is especially useful if your goal is to create your own WordPress theme or a plugin.

4. Complete WordPress websites.

Designing and developing a complete WordPress site means that you will combine themes, plugins, widgets, and custom codes (SASS, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP) to create a unique website based on customer needs.

While there are several website builders, such as Hostinger's Website Builder, Wix, and Squarespace, the market demand for creating a custom website by hiring a WordPress developer remains high.

However, creating a complete website requires more than just technical skills like writing lines of code - you need to be creative, know the basic principle of UI / UX Creative design, and use reliable resources such as fast and secure WordPress hosting.

5. Web applications through the Rest API.

A web application is functional, dynamic web pages that operate through a web server and can be accessed through a web browser. This program works very well with any operating system or device, as long as the browser is compatible.

Unlike a website, the web application has a more practical function. While the sites are mostly static, the web application works interactively. Some of the most popular web applications that you must have heard before are Gmail, Google Docs, and Facebook.

Since 2015, WordPress has integrated its core files with a separate REST API. This communication architecture functions as a "bridge" connecting the WordPress core with any application running on a web server.

By mastering the key concepts of the REST API, you will be able to create a web application that works with WordPress.

What do you need to know as a WordPress developer?

The core of WordPress was built using the common web coding languages PHP and MYSQL. Front-end presentation is a combination of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX.

Let's take a look at each of them:

HTML (preferably HTML5)

Implementation of a Hypertext Markup Language is required

Valid (HTML) for the sake of a smooth user experience. This ensures that your pages fit in any web browser. If your code is invalid, browsers will misinterpret your code and display part of your page wrong.

HTML5 is Now the latest version of this markup language. It has several significant advantages over its predecessor (HTML4) such as video and audio support, JavaScript support, and tons of new elements such as footer, header, track, summary, etc.

Valid HTML is written using the correct syntax, the formula that refers to the general structure of the document, the order of the HTML elements, the nesting elements, and the formatting attributes.

The structure should always start with a DOCTYPE declaration, opening <html> tags, then a header section with document metadata, such as the title of each page or a body section, and finally a closing </html> tag.

In general, HTML is divided into three elements: stream, metadata, and phrasing. Each of them has different application model rules for what is allowed within it.

For example, paragraph tags can have phrasing (inline) content within them, such as <b> (bold), <i> (italic), <a> (links), etc. However, it is not allowed to include flow elements (blocks) such as <ul>, <div> or <footer>.

Learn to use HTML tags, structures, and formatting

Correct can be intimidating at first. Fortunately, you can download an HTML cheat sheet to help you create a perfectly working line of code, then run it through the W3C HTML Validator to see the result.

  • CSS (preferably CSS3)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to design pages and their content. Determines how HTML elements are displayed on a screen. This stylesheet language allows you to make significant style changes throughout your site quickly.

CSS has a feature called Media Queries, which allows you to define how each part of a page behaves on a specific screen size. This feature is one of the most important parts of creating a responsive website - a website that adapts to the visitor's device.

Like other languages, CSS also has its own syntax. The syntax only consists of two elements: selector and declaration block. The selector block is used to select the part of HTML you want to style, while the declaration block defines the style you use for each selected part.

CSS3 is currently the most up-to-date cascading style sheet available. As the successor to CSS2.1, CSS3 comes with many new benefits, including new layouts, flexible grid, more text effects, and multi-column layout.

Creating custom CSS for the first time can be stressful. Fortunately, we have a CSS cheat sheet that you can use for reference.

Also, to better understand this language, you can learn about CSS fundamentals at BitDegree

  • PHP.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a powerful scripting language for advanced web development. It works by doing tasks on the server, then sends the requests in the form of HTML. In other words, PHP takes care of the back end and HTML is used to present the output of the script after the tasks are completed.

The core of WordPress is built in PHP along with MySQL. PHP is very flexible to use as it is compatible with most servers and runs on almost all operating systems.

It has tons of features. The most common you will use are:

Variables: to store information such as text strings or numbers.

Arrays: collects the information assigned to a variable.

Functions: complete tasks and then return results that can be used later. The result can be assigned to a variable.

Conditionals: define if 1 == 1 is true, the runtime will perform an action, and if 1 == 1 is false, it will execute a different response.

Comparison operators: compare values with each other. There is a difference between =, ==, & ===. They affect the result of conditional statements.

If you plan to use PHP as a WordPress developer to build Object Oriented Programming (OOP), you will need to know about PHP classes. Classes allow you to seamlessly group variables and functions that are related to each other in one place.

You can access the information of the PHP classes through the WordPress codex page on Class Reference / WP Object Cache.

  • MySQL

MySQL is a database that is used to store all the information about a WordPress site. Information from the database is retrieved dynamically with PHP. The actual content of every page and post on a WordPress site is stored in the database.

WordPress provides a set of PHP functions to safely interact with the WordPress database and execute it through the appropriate function. a few functions use standard SQL statements, while others use information arrays.

SQL functions are explained on the Codex page for WordPress developers - Talking to the database: the wpdb class.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is a web scripting language for advanced website development. It allows you to change the behavior of the content on a page. For example, if you want to display only text after a user presses a button, you can use JavaScript to achieve this.

This language can turn static HTML into an interactive web page. You can insert the script in the HTML file of a page, and it will work automatically when they access the page. Also, it has full integration with CSS files.

JavaScript depends on the web browser to perform the functions. It cannot be run outside of the browser environment unless you use Node.js, a program explicitly designed for the language to have wider use, such as database management, mobile applications, and robotics programming.

JavaScript learning must be done by every WordPress developer. For more information, see the WordPress Codex Javascript Usage page.

  • jQuery

jQuery is a very popular library for JavaScript. This program simplifies the way you use JavaScript to manipulate or change a web page by allowing you to chain multiple functions together. The code will be "clearly" and easier to read.

Learning about jQuery will save you a lot of time when you need to do some bulk coding of JavaScript. The library provides several functions to facilitate the process, such as hiding a specific part of HTML elements, creating animations, manipulating CSS, and creating a slider effect in HTML.

Luckily, Jquery Has an Official Learning Center for Developers. This platform allows you to learn to use the main functions of jQuery, as well as its practical use, such as helping you design UI / UX or create mobile applications.

  • Ajax

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technique that allows you to receive or receive data without completely retrieving a page. This means that you can change the content of the page without working.

For example, if you want to make a search in vivo while getting the result of the search Quadro, you can use AJAX to find the data in the search query, to develop the result without showing any results.

WordPress uses AJAX in the administration control panel. For example, when users use publications, the AJAX WordPress system automatically protects them without having to worry about them. In this way, the process of reading data during the process of writing can be readily meaningful.

A developer can use JavaScript or jQuery to create AJAX. But, it is recommended to use jQuery which is more simple and direct.

Utilizing Ajax is beneficial for making a web page more interactive and receptive. To get more information about this technique, you can consult the entry of WordPress code on AJAX.

Compare your free version of WordPress repositories

You can share WordPress plugins in WordPress recipes. Only ten accounts that you would like to publish with a compatible license with GPL que otorga a los usuarios ciertos derechos sobre tu trabajo al descargarlo y usarlo.

At this moment, WordPress recommends the developers who use the general public GNU version 3 or later. All the archives of your work should be compiled with this license, including the three Bibliotecas of utilities. It also has to be distributed to distribute Bibles if they are not included.

In general, the GNU guarantees that it preserves the rights of the original androids to the original work. Allow the users to modify your transaction and redistribute it in its entirety or part. Deben mantener intactos Los avisos de copyright originales y entregar una Copia de la Licencia que elegiste.

Users will not allow you to claim that you have no guarantee with the software. If you modify the user and distribute the software, you will find that the key has been changed and is not defending the original version.

To get a complete list of regressions related to repositories, visit the Manual of Disarmament Manuals.

  • Monetize your work to find customers

WordPress is one of the first new web platforms. Many personal and proprietary businesses are looking for WordPress developers who can create web sites with specific functionality.

See this, there is more to your experience than experience. The more fuerte sea your portfolio, the more probabilistic tendencies to find work. Apparently, like the new WordPress developer, there are many portable web portfolios that you can use as a reference.

Also, consider complimenting the expectations that your future clients may have, as a result of which the benefits will be reduced to be a professional exit. For the most part, this is a very good idea WordPress desktop developers are looking for people.

One of the best forms to detect transactions is to search for freelancers. You can use various freelance platforms, like Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

Manage contracts and facts

Creating a written contract with a client is impressive. Acquire a stable stabilizer with a tassel and an extension. You also have to indicate if there is a tariff plan or a tariff by hora and a plaza de Entrega o de Trabajo accord.

Actually, there are many online services to generate professional digital contracts, such as Freelancers Union, Empire Contract Generator, and Do Contract.

When you complete a project, you have to send a client a fact that resumes the transaction, the feature in which you entered, the final final, etc. You can create a utility generator of facts, like Cashboard, Zoho, and Invoices.

  • Controlling impressions and ideas

The rules about impulses and English are different for each country. Without embarking, it is crucial to understand your obligations.

In the United States of America, for example, if you enter the business for the first time in more than USD 2782, you will have to pay. I think if you sign up for something as low as $ 94,592 per day, you will have to pay the IVA. Not knowing the law can generate many legal problems.


We accept everything we need to know to be a WordPress developer.

First of all, how can you create a WordPress developer? If you can be practically related to the platform, basically, there are some basic creations: themes, plugins, widgets, a complete WordPress site, and web applications.

In the second round, from a technical point of view, you will learn HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax. One of the most important is the creation of a plugin/theme/application that combines two or more of these elements.

Finally, you need to know how to compare and monitor your work. Given the search for clients with more than enough menus to require a brilliant portfolio, debts will be shared with you for free with the help of WordPress repositories. Alternatively, you can also search for a platform independently of different platforms such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

However, they also need to understand the technical aspects, such as the creation of facts and professional contracts. Unfortunately, there are various Hermes that can help create facts and digital contracts, such as Enter Contract Generator and Cashboard.

With that, this tutorial is the best. Share what you think and your opinions on the subject in the comments section!

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