Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio

 Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio

Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio
Auto Accident

A San Antonio fender bender can occur whenever and flip around your reality. Not exclusively can an auto crash leave you with agony and enduring, costly doctor's visit expenses, and property harm, it can likewise leave you with lost pay and that's just the beginning.

On the off chance that you or a friend or family member has been associated with a fender bender, you might be qualified to pay for wounds and harms. Yet, don't delay: There is a legal time limit (legal time limit) for recording a case. 

With the accomplished fender bender lawyers at Zinda Law Group on your side, you can zero in on your recuperation while our lawyers handle the legitimate interaction for you. We will buckle down for your benefit to look for the pay you merit. 

On the off chance that you or a friend or family member has been harmed in a mishap, call the Zinda Law Group today for a free meeting Contact one of our auto collision lawyers and discover how we can help you. 

  • Normal INCIDENTS 

Auto crashes can shift in seriousness and include vehicles, trucks, bikes, or even bikes. Car collision injury claims request a gifted physical issue lawyer. 

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Our lawyers handle a wide scope of cases, including:-

  • Plastered driving 
  • Uninsured drivers 
  • Auto collisions 
  • Significant mishaps 
  • Lyft mishaps 
  • Mishaps with uninsured drivers 
  • Unjust passing 
  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents 
  • Impacts from behind 
  • Head-on impacts 
  • Impacts and flight 
  • Underinsured drivers 

Driving while at the same time messaging 

As indicated by insights from the Texas Department of Transportation, San Antonio can be an exceptionally perilous spot to drive, as there were in excess of 43,000 fender benders in San Antonio in 2017. These mishaps caused in excess of 6,000 wounds, just as 143 passings.

A large portion of these lethal mishaps happened on city roads, with thruways and highways making up the majority of the rest. A large number of these mishaps happened on Interstate 35, Loop 410, and Loop 1604. 


Our San Antonio fender bender lawyers will direct a full examination separate from that of the police. We search for pieces of information to the genuine reasons for the mishap and work to consider the individual responsible. We will assist you with deciding the worth of your guarantee and haggle with insurance agencies for full and reasonable remuneration. 

Notwithstanding the size of your case, Zinda Law Group will consistently give you their complete consideration. Our firm will instruct you concerning your legitimate rights and guarantee that you don't commit any of the normal errors that could endanger a case. We will utilize our long stretches of involvement in addressing car collision casualties and assets to look for the most ideal result for you. 

Furthermore, Zinda Law Group deals with a possibility charge premise, so you don't need to stress overcharges, court expenses, or case costs except if we win. Our firm is committed to assisting you with winning your case, which is the reason on the off chance that we don't win, you will not pay anything!



In the event that you have been engaged in an auto collision, you should look for clinical consideration right away. For certain wounds, brief treatment can be the distinction between life and demise. This additionally demonstrates that your wounds were brought about by the mishap, just as its greatness. Make certain to archive your wounds and any treatment you might get for them, if conceivable. 


When you have acquired clinical consideration, you should report the mishap. You can do this by calling the nearby police or the parkway police. They will show up at the scene and present a mishap report with subtleties of the mishap. 


In the event that is conceivable, you should record and photo proof of the mishap. This incorporates wounds you might have maintained, harm to your vehicle, just as subtleties encompassing the mishap, for example, street conditions, area, and so on You ought to likewise gather contact data for witnesses. 


After an auto crash, you should contact an accomplished San Antonio fender bender lawyer as quickly as time permits. When looking for remuneration after a mishap, you will in all probability need to go through an insurance agency, and insurance agencies make a solid effort to spend as little as conceivable on settling any cases.

An accomplished auto crash lawyer will actually want to help you look for the auto collision pay to which you might be entitled. Your lawyer will research the mishap, look at the accessible proof, and assist you with understanding your alternatives for looking for remuneration. 



In case you are harmed in a fender bender, you ought to counsel a San Antonio auto collision lawyer as quickly as time permits. The sooner you counsel and recruit a lawyer, the better, as proof is bound to be accessible following a mishap instead of later.

Witnesses, including police powers who might have reacted, can fail to remember things over the long run, so it is important that your lawyer can speak with them while the recollections are still new. 

2. Exploration 

Your lawyer will explore the mishap and look at current realities and subtleties encompassing the impact, including observer explanations, photographs, and clinical documentation. This will assist your lawyer with deciding likely risk and regardless of whether carelessness assumed a part in the mishap. 

3. Exchange 

When your lawyer has assembled however much proof and documentation as could be expected, they will endeavor to arrange a settlement with the safety net provider. They will give the guarantor a measure of remuneration, and the safety net provider will react with its very own proposal. This can travel every which way until an understanding is reached. 


Most cases are settled out of court. In any case, if an understanding can't be reached through exchanges, the case may ultimately go to preliminary to decide the measure of any potential pay that you can recuperate. 


Different DRIVERS 

The driver who caused the fender bender is the most well-known party answerable for most kinds of auto crashes on the off chance that it very well may be shown that the individual in question carelessly caused the mishap, for example, by speeding or running a red light. 

  • Bosses 

Bosses can now and again be to blame if the driver who caused the mishap was acting inside the extent of their work at the hour of the mishap or driving the business' vehicle. 


Producers can now and then be to blame if a damaged part or vehicle caused an auto crash. 


Government elements are by and large just obligated if an auto crash was brought about by their absence of appropriate street upkeep. 


In an auto crash guarantee, you might be qualified for remuneration for financial and non-monetary harms, while the recoverable sum for these harms might contrast contingent upon whether the casualty is a grown-up or a kid. 

  • Clinical costs 

You might be qualified for remuneration for your clinical costs. This incorporates finding, medicines, visits to subject matter experts, and meds. In the event that you have a persistent physical issue or a physical issue that will require extra medicines, later on, you may likewise have the option to guarantee to pay for future medicines. 

  • Property harm 

You might have the option to guarantee to pay for property harm, like a harmed vehicle. These harms can incorporate the expense of fixing the vehicle or supplanting a vehicle that can't be fixed, which is by and large the honest assessment of your vehicle at the hour of the mishap. 

  • Loss of Wages 

In case you can't work because of wounds brought about by an auto collision, you might have the option to look for pay for lost wages. 

  • Loss of Income Potential 

In case you can't get back to work because of the wounds that keep you from playing out your typical obligations, or a friend or family member has passed on because of a fender bender, you might have the option to guarantee to pay for the deficiency of pay potential. 


  • Agony and languishing 

In the event that you have been harmed in an auto crash, you might have the option to guarantee to pay for the aggravation and torment, both physical and passionate, endured because of your wounds. 

  • Illegitimate Death 

In the event that a friend or family member passes on because of an auto collision, you might have the option to look for remuneration for the deficiency of the consortium. Be that as it may, the illegitimate demise remuneration can regularly be substantially less if the casualty is a kid. 

How many claims do I have to file?

The legal time limit in Texas for individual injury cases is a long time from the date of the mishap. This implies that you have a long time from the date of the mishap to document a case for remuneration for harm. After the lapse of the legal time limit, in the event that you endeavor to document a case, it is exceptionally impossible that the case will be fruitful, and undoubtedly it will be excused. 

An exemption is with regards to a kid, or a minor, under 18 years old. On the off chance that a kid is engaged with a fender bender, the legal time limit for their case can't start until they turn 18 years old and become a lawful grown-up. 

Pay granted to kids is additionally taken care of uniquely in contrast to that granted to grown-ups. On the off chance that a kid is granted remuneration in a car crash case, the pay will ordinarily be partitioned.

Pay granted for financial harms, like hospital expenses, is typically delivered quickly to cover those costs, while any pay granted for non-monetary harms, like agony and enduring, can be held in trust by the court until the kid is agreeable. the 18 years, second in which it will be delivered for them. 


At Zinda Lawer Group, our fender bender lawyers have helped a huge number of injury casualties get their lives in the groove again after a fender bender. We have the information and assets to assist you with getting the most extreme remuneration for doctor's visit expenses, property harm, loss of pay, agony and enduring, and the wide range of various ways your wounds have set you back. 

Our firm likewise works on an unforeseen charge premise, which implies that you don't pay anything except if we arrive at an ideal settlement, judgment, or decision in your fender bender case. That is our Don't Pay If You Don't Win Guarantee. 


In case you are hit by a vehicle, transport, truck, or another vehicle, call 9-1-1 in case there is a physical issue, this is particularly significant in case you are pregnant. A solicitation that police, ambulances, and firemen be conveyed as fitting. 

  • Look for guaranteed clinical consideration for any genuine injury. 

In case there are no clear wounds, call your neighborhood police headquarters and report a fender bender. A solicitation that a cop goes to the scene explores the mishap and composes a mishap report. Make a note of the mishap report number and where and when you can get a duplicate of the report. 

  • Help out the police examination. 

Take photos of the mishap scene, ideally prior to moving the vehicles. Make certain to incorporate photographs of street conditions and harm to all vehicles included. Recall that numerous phones have camera abilities. 

Record the contact data for any remaining drivers associated with the mishap, just as all observers to the mishap, including their names, locations, and telephone numbers. 

Call a San Antonio individual injury lawyer, one who has insight into auto crash claims. 


  • Try not to apologize for the mishap, as this can be viewed as an affirmation of blame. 
  • Try not to confess to causing the mishap or offer whatever other expression that can later be utilized to help a contention that you caused the mishap. 
  • Try not to leave the location of the mishap without the contact and other relevant data of the other driver. 
  • Try not to leave the location of the mishap until the police have finished their examination and have allowed you to leave (except if you have genuine wounds that expect you to go to the trauma center). 
  • Try not to examine the case with the other driver. 
  • Try not to address the insurance agency without your lawyer present. 
  • Try not to sign a single thing from an insurance agency without an earlier audit by your lawyer. 


All along, they were instructive, informative, and commonsense. They finished all that they said and directed me through the cycle. In the event that I had any inquiries, regardless of whether by telephone or email, I was expeditiously gotten. correspondence and reactions. Ideally, I will not require it, yet in the event that I need an attorney, later on, Zinda will be my first call. " - Previous client

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