top computer science universities in the USA

top computer science universities in the USA

top computer science universities in the USA

Did you know that the first programmable computer, the Z1, was devised by the German scientist and businessman Konrad Zuse in 1936? As the tumultuous years of World War II progressed, he did not achieve the fame he deserved, continued to work on his designs, and developed better electronic devices until he reached the Z43 model. Be that as it may, today he is considered the "Father of Modern Computing."

For their part, Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper created the Harvard Mark I computer in the United States in 1944. Since then, much has been done in technology, with increasingly accessible and reliable equipment. Just take a look at the products of companies like IBM, Apple, and Microsoft; or enter an application of the giant Google.

With this preamble, if your desire is to become a Computer Engineer, here are a dozen prestigious American educational institutions that offer courses with great popularity among local and foreign students:

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Top 10 universities in the USA for computer science 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

It is the No. 1 university in the world in terms of academic programs in Engineering and Technology. Its Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science teaches recognized undergraduate courses such as Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, and Computer Science and Molecular Biology.

The Master of Engineering allows specialization in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Systems, and Theory; as well as carrying out research projects.

2. Stanford University

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, computer engineering, biocomputing, human computing, graphics, systems, computational theory, and many more. In addition, it has a special program called CURIS, which provides research opportunities for students during the summer.


3. Carnegie Mellon University

It has an innovative Bachelor of Science program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, made up of modules that cover the main areas of engineering, applied physics, mathematics, circuits, hardware and software, and systems.

His MS in Software Engineering is one of the highest-rated graduate courses in the United States, designed with the needs of the software industry in mind and with an emphasis on understanding contemporary systems, cloud computing, and cloud-based systems. Web and application security.

4. Cornell University

Its School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a Master of Engineering with an ultra-flexible curriculum, as it allows students to choose the modules of their choice and design their own courses. Those who choose to focus their career towards Computer Engineering and Digital Systems can carry out research work in the interconnection of networks at the chip level, secure computing platforms, power and reliability of parallel architectures, reconfigurable and self-improving hardware, among others. topics.

5. Virginia State University and Polytechnic Institute

This house of studies is recognized for its trajectory and contributions in academic research, as well as for educational excellence. The Bradley Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering offers the renowned Computer Engineering (CPE) undergraduate course, which is intended to provide a critical technology foundation for a wide range of enterprises, including bioinformatics, PC equipment, PC systems administration, and security.

Embedded computing, etc. Its Master of Information Technology is considered one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind and covers a wide spectrum of related topics.

6. Harvard University

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offers a concentration in computer science as part of its undergraduate offerings. Graduate understudies might pick an auxiliary field in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), also available to any student enrolled in Ph.D.programs educated by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

7. University of Washington

He teaches well-designed undergraduate courses in computer engineering and computer science; focused on programming, fundamentals of computing, data analysis and interpretation, and an in-depth study of software and hardware engineering. Its five-year integrated BS / MS program is ideal for those who want to secure a good job.

8. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

It is a leading research institution with an excellent academic offering. Its Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering awards the popular Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, a 4-year course that includes principles of physics and mathematics to design, implementation, and analysis of cyber-physical, computing, and communication systems.

9. University of California-Berkeley

His famous Master of EECS, offered through the College of Engineering (COE), combines the fundamentals of computer science and electrical engineering. In addition, he teaches two undergraduate courses: Computer and Electrical Engineering (ECE), and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

10. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

He teaches popular undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science, computation, and mathematical science, and applied and computational mathematics. In addition, those pursuing a Ph.D. in any discipline, have the possibility of studying a minor program in Computer Science and Engineering.

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